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Dealer this is news ninety six point five you d be o orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic twenty four hours a day it starts now well good morning it's five thirty skies clear we've got some rain coming in on the tampa side of the say we'll likely see that today we got a good chance for showers and storms today and those will be lining up we're told tom terry is telling me that this is going to be an earlier lineup of storms than what we typically see we could see some of those storms around lunchtime today so just be mindful if you're an outdoor lunch plans today you might want to come up with a plan b our top story this morning president trump pledging a swift nomination to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy and i'm very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy nation will give trump a second opportunity to shape the high court for years to come reporter terry moran begins our team coverage was replacing justice scalia so you had a very strong conservative vote for replacing a very strong conservative vote this is the swing vote this is the court itself and all the big cases the ones that everybody cares about abortion and gay rights affirmative action and even presidential powers justice kennedy's was the swing vote that will now go away abc news political director rick klein says democrats are hoping to draw the battle out through the mid term election get ready for the battle of all battles anytime a supreme court nomination is up for grabs it becomes a very big deal but this is not just a swing vote is the swing vote on the supreme court president trump has made clear he wants to remake the court republicans in congress ready to go along with that democrats are going to do what they can to try to oppose this and you can give your thoughts on who you think should replace justice kennedy by using the open mic in the news ninety six point five wdbo app this is news ninety six point five wdbo.

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