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So keep that in mind as we go through this now. I believe i had the file here and we grab this. We can watch it. This is rand. Paul all here. I'll read it tweet. I it's Rampal dr voucher around seven. Nih changed the definition of game function on the website to try to cover your always reading the quote so let's watch this rampal calling out voucher again and a great way about the manipulation which we've already covered on this show today to admit that you approved of nih funding for gain of function research. And wuhan but you repeated denials have worn thin and a majority of americans. Don't believe you even. The nih now admits that echo health aligns did perform experiments in on that created viruses not found in nature that actually did gain in balloting. The facts are clear. The nih did fund gain of function research in wuhan despite your protestations being denied all you want. But even the chinese authors the paper in their paper admit that viruses not found in nature work created and yes they gained infectivity. Your persistence house. Though are not simply a stain on your reputation but are clear and present danger to the country and to the world as professor kevin s felt. Mit has written gain of function research. Looks like a gamble that civilization can't afford to risk and yet here we are again with you. Steadfast in your denials quick question. we're we're all these people back when they were openly doing this and openly calling it gain of function. Think about stuff like that rand. paul was there. People were around. This was not publicly done. Did he just stumble into this topic because the independent media was talking about it. Well that's even if that is the case that clearly shows you something about what's really driving discussions but just think about that. This has always been happening suddenly cared. That doesn't i don't buy that. I don't why does it matter. Because gain of function research with laboratory created viruses not found in nature could cause a pandemic even worse than thanh. We're suffering today from one that has a mortality of approximately one percent. Now that's averaged guys and that's not accurate under under fifty no coma. Bit co morbidity. It's dramatic drops off a cliff. You can't average out all of the most extremely at risk by the way even assuming that that's even accurate. I don't know why we chose anything they're telling us but based on what they're showing us. Oh dips you can't average this out. You have to stratified this by age. Otherwise it's ridiculously wrong. That's why oxford calculator puts under nineteen at one in a million chance of dying. That's no there's no chance that's one percent if it's one in a million hundred nineteen dying or even getting sick and hospitalizations are also dramatically low less than the flu for all of it so one percent. Just so we know. That's the averaged outnumber so again. He does that. He's made that point past arguments but we still stick with one percent which makes it seem more dangerous than the flu to the people that aren't understanding this stuff again. That's questionable to me that are experimenting with viruses that have mortalities of between fifteen and fifty percent. Yes our civilization could be at risk..

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