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Spirit. Came through in Texas. Tell you what happened at four fifty forty three minutes after the hour. Time for east side. Site, traffic will pile policy at once again, if you're heading home, or taking the ten westbound, we've got a crash here on the east side at Casablanca road. That's westbound tenant. Casablanca also wreck reported eastbound make that westbound on the superstition freeway Stapley, crash off right. Mackillop's and another wreck. Right down the freeway shout down one to one block on the shoulder at the sixty one westbound new wreck near cave creek road. That's got the right lane blocked off Chandler crash almost cooling, Elliott. Timpee on university. Drive just east McClintock gonna hand things over to steep trail on the west side. Well, we have an accident at all right? I ten eastbound at the I seventeen split I seventeen southbound at sixteenth street. We've got a crash on the offramp one-to-one westbound between thirty fifth and fifty ninth avenue. Slow vehicle fire twenty seven th avenue, advan Buren. Also in incident involving a pedestrian seventy Fifth Avenue at Thomas and action Thunderbird east of Thomson ranch road next traffic. That's coming up top of the hour. Steve Trela five fifty K up, why this report is sponsored by Aren K, building supplies piece seventy percent of heat gain in your house comes through your windows, and attic, Aren K can help with attic insulation. He blocking shades or new energy efficient windows don't suffer this summer. Let Aren que get you comfortable. Visit Aren K dot com at the busiest time of your day..

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