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But somebody information is beyond dispute. Come from the police. Not because we sound but because the Metropolitan Police have now admitted they've had held an internal investigation is called operation. Bruins and the opening loin is that meet the Somebody information on the blacklist follows with Supply Special Branch and Salvi. Festively you go Paul. Solve the British tights You know the dependent equal policing needs of British type. A Spine on union activists some providing information to to big business and and if that was happening anywhere else in the world the mainstream media and the BBC becoming mad about ants open about deceit in spin spotlight on boy by the state and all the rest of it and one of the reasons that we carry on doing these kind of pie in one of the reasons. Why I think Lucy's film selling porn is when you first so people this story. It's almost as if things that happen in this country and it's just quite often British. British colonialism almost invented this kind of stuff and the whirlwind talk to trade unionists in other parts of the world. They completely surprised about it. Whereas in this country people are. That's that's that's I think one of the questions. If that is state at the beginning of the film is what's relationship between the states and capitalism is something that I think I suppose hopefully a public inquiry there is a is one with reveal exactly what those linked swear more. These conversations were between the state and big business and I think in the film as well where we see. Dave being arrested for public odor offensive blocking roads. And I think that's an foundry fascinating of where how does the Lou define public order like Define Odor and when we see a guest particularly now around the environment where we see a big business so resistant to making changes that are going to support order through and we'll have the environment. Bigger questions are being asked around. What's what's more what's more important temporary fixes or the bigger the bigger fixes his first documentary film. Was He easy for you to get funding? Was it quite tricky as a filmmaker? How did you find it yet? I'm so I went with them. City projects in Cape Pirka who produced the film and she was really fantastic working to fundraise. We got funding from the arts maliciously but then from that we got funding from a number smooth trusts and donations from trade unions and individuals wasn't easy to get the funding and move was a learning process as well as the first feature film. It made and when you don't have the film's behind you people and is willing to support always but I think part of the pricing funding fundraising was also so community building and building audiences so one of the things we promised with when people funded Gibson nations that we would allow them to screen the film. So that's helped intensive arranging community screenings. Are you pleased with how the film's tone delve? Yeah I think I suppose I didn't set out as I introduced myself to David. Were my background's in short filmmaking and I wasn't sitting out to make his to conventional commit tree and I think one of the politics behind that is to have multiple voices and not have the traditional narrates. I think because love. It's quite complex. As water on the legal case to try and bring in multiple voices and to raise questions at different points in the film felt inputs in. I personally love the film What I love about is that some is precisely because Lucy is in our aced and not a documentary filmmaker. And I think he's a very obvious because documentary. Filmmaker wouldn't have my that film in anyway shape or form me my favorite scenes ear when George Fuller Person. Lucy's talk about beginning. He's doing the washing up his kitchen. Or there's a bit where paper I've been all Q. And an until combat stuff. It's just it's that stuff that makes his look human rather than just looking like coke in a big machinery. If the only thing we can ever talk about is Is Blacklisting because we're all human beings families and it's that bit though. I think it's got the emotional poll that brings us in and that's why I really think it works question Kobe. Did you see what's next? I'm starting to have conversations with people around unto come police inquiry which is starting to evidence this yea and we'll be hearing evidence next year as well so I met this early stages of working out if I will make about it but I feel committed to the course. This is undercover policing where they actually went undercover in various activists and actually had relationships. It's really wide reaching and the two women that speak in solidarity were two of the women in relationships with undercover police. A poet into police inquiry. And the Dave with the button support group and a family justice campaigns environmental campaigns trade union. So it's it's huge in its skirt which is quite problematic in lots of ways. It was really interesting in. Hurt brings together lots of different experiences. It starts to fifteen. That's right isn't it yet? Centuries a main sets it going in two thousand and fifteen so already it's been a really long process and the thing that I'm most interested in is what public inquiry ass and tries to represent and the problems of public inquiries as well. I'm typically as a state run activity and viewed Dave. What's next well? I'm actually a coal participant in this undercover police. Public Inquiry Lucy's are just been token about some of the undercover place offices was spying on trade unions One of them Is ni-nice went on new. Amy's nightmares mark custody. He was a call using the Siamese unionist. May I went to pick it? Lawrence William went to meetings with a May even rain one of the sites canopy in his In the building industry and years later we found it was actually an undercover police officer and his real name was Gena lived with a woman on new for all of us. What sign told me was already married? So yet that's Talked about is there anything shocking. GonNa Stuffy Sir. Very very shocking. And it's going on in our million because this is the police in the state during this is taxpayer money being spent on that Garner staff. And that's what I found outrageous and as Lucy said these public inquiry has been going on. It was south five years ago. Hasn't heard any evidence yet and fell of years. Baker universities across the country and I recently spoke in class. Go to a group of three hundred students and asked them if any of them had heard of this stuff about undercover police and three hundred two people the hand up with some people. Listen to your podcast of heard it. I don't think the vast majority of the British public I've heard about coal which is well. We can't portion because counts back to this thing before people still think the things are happening in this country and it clearly does. It's it's really important to understand the bigger picture of it and how it operated systemically completely end as someone who was followed on deliver loose and he's very very good friends with Zoey women to ride long-term relationship police officers everyone intermediaries When I talked us is always interested in APP. Tell us your cannot human interest story which is important. I mean it is shocking what happened. It's only about human interest. You miss the big political chat. Which is the facts? The style is systematically doing this not is not rung depot. Still doing it to this guy and they basically spa weigh in on any one. The Bay considered to be in inverted commas domestic extremist and a domestic extremist. You don't have to commit any chrome this. Is this literally folk police if your if your doing stuff which they that the senior however all the political police units finks French interests. Will you know? Intra sued Sir Robin McAlpine than it hits in bow. Fulbe is that is that. Is that the the the British trust on a French Porsche. Uc Day. Thank you very much from. You've been listening to the docks more podcast with lefty Talal if you enjoyed the show review and subscribed the series..

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