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You know we've got a great you so he's got kind of all those intangibles plus the things that you want the leadership the the humbleness that has the you know the team first mentality. People wanna play for him and get everything half or he's gonna make everybody around him better you know so he. He's a he's a. He's a unicorn. I'm off and you know i i. I just don't know what what is wing this might be. I really don't. I mean bucks. What what would you say by the. We'll keep the conversation going. Because the only thing when i go back through my notes was maybe there's some pocket awareness things at times. Or maybe he'll hold the ball. You really you're picking buck. I don't know what your hat on. I think the thing you do is kinda nitpick like when you play those games. Lsu and a high state maybe when depression lay changing in coverage. They trick them a little bit but he is so good. I think coach for you. I think has always fascinated to get a coach's perspective when you're on the other side in your team is playing against a duke. Meaning a franchise quarterback. What is that feeling. Like when you're facing. Does it change how you approach it from defense like. What is it like facing a topnotch quarterback on the other side. Well yeah yeah. It's very challenging. Obviously now we played them. Two years ago we had two pigs. So don't interception. While ended up picking them all he doing the coverage a little bit. You know trying to force the ball. But sometimes quarterbacks do that. But but i think you really just trying to contain them. I mean really. You know you know is going to be able to make those plays the thing about clemson too is that you had some other players. That are really good. You know some of those wide receiver running back. So i mean you really. You really just can't try to focus. Oh stopping him so on. That's what makes it really challenging. Nothing but i think you just want to try to keep everything in front. Y'all wanna give those big plays that he's obviously capable doan. Try try to make him get impatient. I think so you know. Just give him the underneath throws and see if you take them all day. You know and some quarterbacks willing you know they they want to get that ball down to only get a little bit hungry in eager to throw the ball down the field. That's where you get trouble on. But if he's has that patience then it's going to be hard to beat him. You know because they have so many great weapons around him. But on but yeah. It's it's very difficult. I think when you're facing somebody that caliber talent wise. You know coach. I prefer it for teams. Just give me the underneath stuff..

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