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Riley Keough in it and Charlie Barnett or not Charlie bird the guy from girls from girls Christopher Abbott. Sorry. I thought that was a pretty really really Burnett isn't Charlie Burnett. She was on Vanderpump Rules. I love her like thinking of her in her comes at night and like a really gritty like a 24 horror movie who she's like Jax's old. Yeah, no, but they looked pretty harrowing Mad. Max was really good. Yeah, I Max is great. They were hot but Dusty. Yeah, that's how it would be during the Outback another Riley joint. Like mean what can't she do truly nothing her and Zola. I'm going to like her and Taylor Page together seems like I truly a truly Thelma and Louise level. historical historical performance and that was one that I specifically was like I'm going to the ArcLight to see this movie and that will be my Peak moment of 2021 and now even that is taken from us. So, I'm so happy that they're releasing so like they knew they knew there had to be an audience like you had to see it with people. I feel like they knew that. That's not just like an on-demand. I'm all for releasing movies on demand at the same time as theaters. I think that that's just smart and I think you actually could probably make more money that way because there are a lot of people that would prefer to watch a movie at home. So just like let them like, but I need to be in a few. Killa. I'm going to go to a theater Zola. I'm going to go to a theater certain movies that I'm like, yeah, like I'm taking my ass to a theater sitting down Halloween kills enjoying this. Oh speaking of Halloween really fast and then we'll get into Rock of Love. But the Black trailer for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills looks pretty good Kathy Hilton pretty damn good Kathy home the Hilton. Every word that comes out of her mouth makes me cry with laughter. I like what she said the end of think. I'll like told her to shut up. She goes wearing sunglasses like white page is like the island of dr. Moreau life is a poker game and everyone has to show their cards and Coco shut.

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