Mr Biden, Greg Pence, President Trump discussed on Dana Loesch


Tomorrow. I'm Stanley here. Here's what's trending at 3 32. Congressman Greg Pence's Democrats want to defund, dismantle and destroy, he says. Comma Harris is answers to the vice presidential debate prove that and that his brother had the fax Chris Davis reports. We really didn't talk much about the fact the author degree new Deal. Congressman. Pence says his brother was right to point out that even though Mr Biden says he doesn't support the green new deal, it's part of the Democratic platform, he says that would destroy jobs and hurt the economy. He also says his brother's red eyes or no indication of Corona virus. Chris Davis 93. W I. B C Mobile news. The Trump campaign wants to delay the second presidential debate to October 29th and the president is flatly rejecting the suggestion of an online debate. Fox is John Decker reports President Trump calling into Fox business and saying he will not take part in debate Number two, which was scheduled to take place virtually one week from today, I heard that the commission a little while ago changed the debate style. In and that's not acceptable to us. The second debate was changed to a virtual debate because of the president's diagnosis for covert 19 former vice president Biden uncertain what his plans are now for next Thursday night, the Trump campaign, saying the president will hold a campaign rally instead. In Washington, John Decker Fox knew the FBI says it stopped a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the government. Several reputed members of a private militia are charged. The FBI affidavit says several of them talked about murdering tyrants or taking a sitting governor. Indianapolis police are making some changes in the way they use canine units looking and internally reviewing our current practices. And and trying to identify ways that we could do it better Deputy chief Josh Barker for a canine team to be deployed. The suspect must be wanted for certain crimes and believed to be armed..

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