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Single family housing units at a projected completed cost of four hundred sixty minute minutes. Million of, course chip address the fact that it's for the arena to be. Built they want to use tax increment, financing which means Dedicate a portion, of the, tax, to building the arena but I found myself when I was reading for this interview tip to. Be surprised, at what berry Trammell and Steve lack Meyer addressed which was the. Intent correct me this is what I, read that Young people are not finding ways to. Stay in Norman like when I went to oh you it was you went to you, you went to college and then if you could find a job in. Norman or you would stay in the college town because college stands are so hip and happening and that has changed now because a, Norman has not has, grown according. To those gentlemen is that true And that is that is certainly partially true and that's that's a part of of the vision that we want to address what we've. Had, is, is Brinkley it's the success of Oklahoma City maps and twenty years of investment. In in Oklahoma City that has led to the revival of, the, positive district of midtown of, the per se. Oh and others and where it used to be that that you either stayed in Norman, or a lot of kids when when I was getting out of, college in the early nineties when my friends oh you they were heading. To Dallas as quick as, they could, or Denver, Seattle Phoenix now we. See more and more. Of of our graduates from oh you staying in the state which is great but so many of them are moving Oklahoma City and and many. Have jobs in woman but they're living in Oklahoma City and part of what we believe. The entertainment district Kicked, will, create in some of the, new urbanism housing. And the multifamily housing that we envisioned around it is to provide the type of environment, that those people don't feel like they need to move to Oklahoma City don't stay Rather now, which leads me to this, question that the website does address our other college towns having this same realization I mean if you think, of, Lawrence Kansas when I think of Lawrence. Kansas it was acquaint Ivy you know place Columbus Ohio was it's a city but it was more college town or other college towns having to kind of look at this and go well we need to get with. It too And we are seeing that across the country and the number of in-use. Certainly in hell universities are getting students to stay, engaged in sporting events oh. You students, have not been attending. Basketball games like they used. To in the. Past part of that is there have you got spoiled with offender but it's a trend that they see. Across the country and so that's. Part of why Joe Castiglione athletic department sees a need to create more, of an, environment than entertainment before and after games so you. Don't just. Have, to, drive away. Noble get, out of your car walk inside go to the game get back in the car got back home you've. Got something, to do before and after, or, maybe you're just walking across, the, street to the guy, so really, concrete that, football mentality and I mean, by spend the whole day in Norman on game down kinda right and we need to do for the, other, sports that's great yeah yeah that's right And it's it's something going back to the millennial comments that both very Trammell. And and Steve my written on and the transcripts, as well the school district. Dr Nick, arena at the Norman. Public schools is a huge. Fan of this. Because Norman enrollment has been flat the past couple of years and the pipeline of new families moving into. Town and children in the school. Is not growing and it's and it's Frankie and if it weren't person, transfers and, so he sees a development like this not only. Lifting the. Tax, rolls, for them Feeds school district but, those kids in the pipeline and. Allows an opportunity for Norman north Norman high, basketball game to be played in an arena When new students being able to see a really classy will topnotch arena well and Moore's halfway more is booming they can go south for entertainment just as easily as they can go north oil that and that's another thing that's driven MRs, Moore's been..

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