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FM 97 7. Stay connected, stay informed. Good afternoon. It's 102. I'm Taylor Van Sice with our stories top from our 24 7 News Center. King County leaders right now talking about raising the minimum wage to $19 an hour. We get the preview from Northwest News Radio's Jeff Pojola. The suggestion comes from King County Council Girma member Zahle, who wants workers in unincorporated parts of the county to make as much as those in Seattle or SeaTac. His proposal also includes annual increases and lower tiers for smaller businesses that may not be able to afford paying 19 an hour. Critically, this would not apply to cities which can wage. set their own minimum Details of the proposal are expected later this afternoon. Jeff Pojola, Northwest News Radio. Who will represent Seattle's 7th District? According to the Seattle Times, Council President Deborah Juarez and Council Members Sara Nelson and Alex Peterson have endorsed Bob Kettle over the incumbent Andrew Lewis. The district covers the downtown area highly impacted by the fentanyl and homelessness crisis. It also includes the Queen Anne South and Lake Union neighborhoods. Seven of the nine council seats are up for grabs in November. For the next six days, only walk -on passengers are allowed to board the Seattle Bainbridge Island Ferry. Vehicle traffic is banned while workers replace a 50 -year -old pedestrian walkway on the Seattle side. Also, service on the route is going to be reduced to a single boat. Russell Everett is with Bainbridge Brewing and tells Como News that his business is going to take a hit. We're going to roll with it. It's going to be an adventure for this week. Full service returns early Wednesday morning, just a few weeks away from a change that will affect ferry riders on all routes. The State Transportation Commission approved fare increases that kick will in starting October 1st, and that means vehicle and passenger fares will jump more than 4 percent this year and again in October of next year, so 2024. That's about 40 cents on the state's busiest busiest routes. And of course, Seattle Bainbridge is one of those busy routes. The state says the increases are necessary to cover the full cost of running all of those boats in its system. Como 4's Steve McCarron coming up after traffic and weather. teacher's One strike continues. Another may be ending. Northwest News Radio is your home for breaking news traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the force and at 104. Here's Kimmy Klein in the High Performance Homes Traffic Center. Luckily now there's not a lot of blocking problems way, in your but we do have a crash on the shoulder of southbound 5 right near Northgate and it's going to be heavy right at that point towards Lake City. Slow again across the Shipt Canal Bridge, but an earlier stall that was on the South 5 off -ramp to eastbound 520. That's been cleared away. Our floating bridges are both wide open right now between Seattle, Bellevue and beyond. Southbound 405 is taking under just 20 minutes to get from Bellevue into Renton. Another busy day on eastbound Highway 18 though from the Tiger Mountain Summit towards 90 I is also extra busy today heading down the hill out of Bonnie Lake on westbound 410 from the bottom of the Eli Hill towards Valley Avenue where there's some road work happening on the shoulder today. We're doing better once again on I -5 around the Maytown area where some tree trimming and tree removal off to the side of the freeway. In fact I -5 is looking great around Olympia, JBLM and Tacoma as well. This report is sponsored by Albertsons and Safeway. Earn rewards points when you purchase participating items at Safeway and Albertsons. User rewards points for up to one dollar off per gallon at Chevron, Texaco or Safeway fuel stations restrictions and exclusions apply. Your next northwest traffic at 114. Our forecast now it's sponsored by Northwest Crawl Space Services. Here's Kristin. Noticing a bit more cloud cover over the area today a

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