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Joined now by oscar winner oscar winner house janney i hate that that all just always be before your name now i mean i love it congratulations it this kind of intimidate makes me feel like have to be better than i am or something i'd have to be like i don't know the people expect more from the now in that makes me oh boy that makes me wanna hide corner it's the complete opposite no you can coast now they can never take that away from you we wanted to speak to you about the episode privateers but specifically about the scene with marrying core thing which i think is maybe my favorite scene in the entire series to me it's synonymous with privateers when i hear the name of that episode of that's all i think about is jannie laughing in that scene what performance i was i was thinking of this thing from this thing that just happened with the death was that was like i do have to say one of my skills i didn't lifted on my resume rebut laughing is one of my skills edna takes a lot of energy that was hard because i'm a couple of takes point i'm really this is the so not funny anymore have to laugh over and over and over again and and it wasn't it was not that funny to me there's nothing funny about it and i had to laugh and it was almost as hard as having to cry in seen telling you i would argue harder i couldn't possibly couldn't faded places within that scene that was aware that you are doing the heavy lifting and it was so relieved when i read it that might take just to be awkward and really concerned about the way you were comporting yourself during the scene because i couldn't have done it i mean even crying they can blow into your eyes a little menthol thing they can't blow fake mirth into your office doesn't work i did this play like a long time ago called inspecting carol choose amash up between.

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