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Depressed. The living daylights out of me. Why don't you? Yeah, keep keep coming. One thing they did not do is tell you how many people have recovered. North Dakota keeps that number. Florida does not. I don't know why, but that's a number to keep in mind as well. And obviously, hospitalizations are an issue as well. And the hospitals are they say, bursting at the seams? The the one thing also in this new wave of media frenzy covering Corona virus that seems to be missing. Is the age, the average age of the covert patient has come down considerably. I think it's in the forties now nationwide is an average and the recovery rate. Therefore, is much higher. So you'll see the hospitalization spike, but they leave the hospital and the death rate is lower and lower and lower a cz. Well, so another one. What does that mean? The death rate? Well, it means that the if forget about Corona virus, just the regular flu. Regular flu is out there and you got the food people die every year from the flu. They do that That happens. And And so you'd say, OK, What's the death rate was? If I get one of my chances of getting it, it is getting down there to the point where it's the death rate. Is, you know, within spitting distance of the Regular flu with Corona virus, So it is got lower and lower and lower and lower with this, so that's just, um there's risk in everything. But you've got to do a risk reward. Balance that out and see what's out. So anyway, don't turn on. The Corona virus News Network CNN Unless you really, really, really want to be depressed. And there that I guarantee you the banners. They're going to change on Election Day. They will be the all this will go away. It'll be much reduced. It'll be less of a threat. So just keep that in mind, there's a little bit of an agenda. I had work is a swell doing what we can to keep you informed With all the facts here, folks, drew Wrigley will join us at the bottom of the hour. Drew is the U. S attorney for North Dakota especially would be the judicious judiciary. The US Justice Department. Rep. Highest federal law enforcement official in the state of North Dakota. They charged last week Eric Steven Totowa. He was one of the Instigators in the riot that happened on May 30th in Fargo. We'll talk with him about The federal charges for law enforcement. So look forward to that. And as I mentioned the last hour in in great detail that I was excited today to talk about a project that makes me happy, and we need one of those stories that make us happy now and then we need something to look forward to, and to have one of the 19 presidential libraries. Anywhere in the world like this Hear in North Dakota here in a park, only one of its kind in a park named for the same person. Presidential library is pretty exciting. The CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is Ed O'Keefe joins us Now to talk a bit about this today on the program had welcome back to the show. How are you? Good. I'm excellent. Good to talk with God. All right, well, let's let's talk a little bit about this project. First ball. Just give us the give us the update, where things that Well, Scott, I'm as you said, This is good news. You know, the theater Roosevelt Presidential Library is an economic stimulus for North Dakota and man, could we use it right about now way want to put At the end of the day, about 1/4 of a $1,000,000,000 of private money into the North Dakota economy, and I'm very pleased to report to you that we are well on our way. Toward raising the initial $100 million in private philanthropy. Tio Tap into the state Legislature approved North Dakota endowment. We will We will make that public announcement and we will achieve that goal before the Legislature comes back into session in 2021. I think you know, this is Just a tremendously exciting time because despite all of the uncertainty, despite all of the headwinds to our economy at the moment, People are responding to this project, and they believed deeply. It's just as you, said Scott, you know to be one of half of the one of less than two dozen presidential libraries in the entire nation in the entire world. Tohave it in North Dakota alongside Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the only presidential library alongside a national park. The only national park alongside a presidential library is just a tremendous honor, and we're going to achieve it. And it's gonna put jobs going Put construction. It's going to diversify the economy on where it's going to be something that we can all look to a zoo riel beacon for the state of North Dakota and the region for generations to come. Now this presidential library could be anywhere. We're blessed that it's going to be a North Dakota's, you say alongside the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. So what? I've got a great combo there. But you know what? If there was a controversial part of this project, it is a state expenditure to be part of it is, I've explained Carlos Times. If you know people are giving money, they want to see that there's some commitment on the part of the people they are giving it to. And so that was the premise behind the request of Ah, $50 million that then would leverage. You know, 101 $100 million to come up with $150 million Which is, I think genius but explain how that came because you mentioned North Korea Endowment, and some people think that somebody's writing a check for 50 million explain. Explain the state roll the Legacy fund role in this Yeah, Scott, I'm really happy that you asked that question because look, given all the headwinds in North Dakota right now in the oil markets in the result of the recession related to cove in and the closure closure. I am a sensitive as any north of goat into the idea that we need to be very wise about where we spend our money. And this particular endowment stays with the state..

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