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Mean Felino is where I have a nickname you know and and we know that and his last time here he had a really really good service here and the ball and you know what you make mistakes on my promises he's got a really good chance to run into it and you know what I was big was a huge swing for us and you know what the kid kids plan you know all over the room filled in and he's still under fly sometimes it gets out of control but those are good things that happened when the wall start firing going on the seats and I was a big one for us no doubt about it and and another good thing your starter groover Hagen go six innings gives up five hits yeah three runs and they were home runs but he struck out eleven that's a career high for years starter last night if the tracking I mean you know he's he can throw just about any pitch over the anytime he wants the smoker ball which is a weapon for him to get him off as fast won the slider the cuts would any location he's got a good angle in his over the top and got a really good angle going down so you know what to with using a lot of different ways and I will ask you to step up and start rolling you did a really nice show no doubt about that and then let let let's bring drew in here a career high eleven strikeouts how good were you feeling as a starter last night definitely the thing it's I mean I haven't had that that great of a our own on starts in the lease but that fell I feel really good I felt like for like me and I was happy with just my stuff and just attacking guys and then running came up with a big hit right there which was which was huge for us gonna get you know get affected too much by buy a couple a couple mistakes and I mean that's a good line out and I made a few mistakes and they made me pay for for all of them really I mean if you are mistakes that I got away with two but I was just trying to keep making pitches my stuff out great on body feel good so I was just trying to keep keep attacking that's all you have to ask seven ten on the Fox Sports Detroit network tonight for game two as they wind up this ten game road swing well alliance playing buffalo each had what a six ten season last year finally Matthew Stafford started the game played most of the first half look pretty good in that what five series he may have been in the statistics showed him completing twelve nineteen passes some of them are dropped so a hundred and thirty seven yards was the amount of time to move the ball I think well in the pocket look good on some of the short in the intermediate throws although we didn't try any long shots at all the key problem though last night with that the twenty four to twenty loss to buffalo was the loss of a couple of Detroit Lions Gerry Davis and Frank rag now they're waiting to find out the X. rays medical investigations the find out exactly how they are going to to do and if it turns out that either player is lost for a significant amount of time I don't know maybe Davis would be the biggest losses the middle linebacker is kind of the quarterback of the defense showed a lot of promise last season as a pass rusher so you'll have to watch those two injuries at all played the final game of the preseason schedule next week and that you bring about the speed on sports give us a hundred twenty seconds here on W. J. R. and we'll get you updated the traffic and weather I'm still laughing and they're all these years I've never had a **** call like the one that the Greenland with a week we don't want to buy Greenland they don't have a good cell phone connection over there we are changing.

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