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The smoldering pile of rubble formerly known as steve bannon has garnered a strange new respect from a mainstream media that used to call them everything from a whitesupremicist nazi to a white supremacist nazi the mainstream media is not that creative but now because bannon made some completely unfounded comments about a meeting he didn't attend during the campaign he hadn't yet joined the same news media suddenly citing the president's former chief strategist as an authority on meetings he wasn't add during campaigns he hadn't joint bannon's new mainstream media role as a former whitesupremicist nazi turned russia investigation wiseman follows the release of excerpts from a new book by michael wolff called fire and fury inside the trump white house which confirms every prejudice the media has about the trump administration it's chaos she stupid everything is out of control he senile it's chaos he stupid he's insane it's chaos he stupid in fact the media is so excited by the book they haven't taken the ten minutes it takes realize that the excerpts released so far are complete crap you might even say the fire and fury signifying nothing except they told me to stop making shakespeare joked because no one gets them anyway the book does seem to be a tale told by an idiot or at least by a guy who doesn't do the simplest fat checking but that's the thing in creating an atmosphere of chaos and stupidity you don't have to get the facts right you just have to make an impression and then keep referring back to the impression i'll show you what i mean trigger warning a mandra cleveland and this is the andrew in show.

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