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Your score but on the business side you have to provide who your vendors are bradstreet doesn't know who they are so you have to tell them here's my accountant buy office supplies from staples whatever it may be i get things amazon and then they go and they check those creditors as they how they pay their bills basically and you have to put up so it takes a little bit more work which allows small business don't either do or know how to do so there's a website tour a business i can help you prove your credit score business rights on with it toward the business website are they just help are they going to be reporting that to brad street or do you still do that work with bradstreet they're gonna talk to you the business owner say give me a list of all of your creditors vendors and names and phone numbers and account numbers and all that and they'll get it done breath street and say grant street caused those creditors and says how paying bills basically then they would at as trade lines on your dmv report and if you were paying on time your paycheck scores going to go up and take exposures can score but they also look all your financials and your history and who owns it and subchapter s everything about your business which you what if you're going to be borrowing money in having bringing investor they wanna see it's all right there so next can't small business center is like myself freelancer is in in e compass can made to this they have to be lowest up restaurant kind of the main things we have to be structured correctly i'm anne how are you structured he was subchapter s llc elsie such as tax okay so you have a separate tax parenting number and that's the entity that would be reported to rush you not you personally it's really bad idea if you're serious about business now it's a hobby but you're serious as business to rent as a sole proprietorship you can run out of your personal checking count news your personal credit cards not good good idea out there that they'll do that people do it all the time quickly startups as if you're serious about the business set it up as business have its own.

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