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You know we got them saturday with with with macquarie's home run in in in extra innings and you gotta give us credit for that and i see some of this team and i think we're going to be a lot better than are a lot of people think and with the with longoria in the clutch in in assistance with the squad that we have i think we're gonna be all right guys i think you're right michael i appreciate the call man we gotta run now he's right man the the giants poise this year is different and i he got to the point i said it last year where it felt like once you went down they never had a shot to come back and now they're this line of turns over fast there's a lot of power in this lineup but again someone nobody's really talking about he brought it up there brandon crawford had a shot with one out to move a guy over or or to get pen scoring position i maybe thought pen should have been running on a couple of those pictures maybe put him in position to have two guys with one out have a shot to drive them maybe crawford then belt you didn't do it crawford hasn't been hidden well but he he picks it clean it short so you kind of live with that there is some irony that you know because brandon crawford everybody thinks he just this little plucky little shortstop he's a big guy he's two hundred and fifty home runs a few years ago drove in seventy five runs i mean right what when when you when you exceed your expectations as a hitter and then you get a contract that is sort of a paired with your defense in your offense you better hit man and again the hope is that adding these pieces to this lineup and mccutchen and crawford crawford pardon me longoria jackson whoever it is the hope is that that's going to take some pressure off of guys lower in the line of all right we gotta run here anyway kamiar if you want to check in there on the text line we can talk warriors we can talk giants patty from napa here's got something about the as we'll touch on that when we get back and again shohei ohtani something we're gonna talk about with him seventeen amazing stats and they'll be dot com had we're didn't give you some of.

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