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Then thirty two. I've got nick bolton the linebacker on the bucks man interesting nick. Boden stands out to me. When i think about this boat this bucks defense in the last time. We saw soup while they're flying around like man like crazy and so to put nick bulletin beside devon white to be able to control the middle of the middle of the feel i like. It is an underrated prospect. Even though we're saying he's a first round talent he certainly doesn't get enough love when we talk about some of the top players distract class. Yeah i remember levante. David's a free agent. So if they were to lose levante david you slide in here When molten defense does not skip a beat. So there you have it. There's one through thirty two. I'm sure everybody agrees with every single. Pick all right buck. That was a fun exercise. They're going through those. We'll see as a quarterback carousel continues to churn here how that changes things you know. I think we could see some more movement. Hopefully this winds trade is something that kind of opens up the floodgates here. We can start seeing a lot more movement. 'cause it's fun it's fun i know like you coming off this hostile conversation with guys signing big deals baseball players. Moving all over. You can alight this carousel like it is fascinating because this is the first time in my football journey. I can remember quarterbacks as kind of being treated like position plays where you move off from them and you trade him you swap from and do those things and so it has created some very interesting conversations and even thoughts and projections when it comes to the offseason in what maybe even the free agent frenzy will look like in a few weeks. I think we've kind of We've adopted the vanilla. Ice approach With quarterbacks here you remember there was a movie. Called coolest is where. He was racing bikes or something that line that movie. There's a line in that movie buttery says. Why don't you dropped zero and get with the hero. There is a It's a hero or zero Philosophy you know it used to be like you think about the braves world series but man. They won the division ear. Like that was good. That's great now. They don't care. I don't care if i go to play. I just wanna win a championship so finding the kind of maneuver around and then try and find that guy that can get me a champ. I've always. That's what i'm in search of everybody. Yeah everybody wants to be the miami marlins everybody just a little voice. Let's two titles and if we're bad in between like it doesn't matter we just win at every now and keep keeping sustain. Yeah no tendency is not interesting. That people don't care about ten six anywhere. They want to go into title so unless they're ten six wildcard and win the championship. That's gonna do it for us today. It's been fun episode. Thank you guys for hanging with us. We'll catch you next time right here on. Move the sticks..

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