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Here for Chicago. Blackhawks hockey. Our final score here tonight was the Panthers five and the Hawks to the Blackhawks record now falls to 03. You know, on this young season, they'll get back together with this Florida Panther team on Tuesday night. And, uh, five goals has been the theme. Five goals allowed has been the theme for the Blackhawks so far. Roy and I were talking about that just a little while ago, something that they could work on, among other things, they did connect on the power play here tonight, and aside from the fact that the Panthers did get elite power play goal. It looks like the penalty. Kilis is improving to the point where at some point it might go on a run of the number of games where they don't allow a goal. But all of that aside, there is plenty to work on for Jeremy Collison and his crew and they'll get back. They'll get back to work as soon as tomorrow. They can't get frustrated. It's not the start that they were looking for two tough games against Tampa and This one here in the season opener for the Florida Panthers. It was a good first period. But if you flip the table here And you look at Florida mean they haven't played a whole lot. So when they got into this game, Hey, let's you know, let's work our way into it. Let's be smart in the first period and no score in the first period and They were able to get some separation, the second period, so I think Joe Quinn will be pretty happy with the outcome of this game. In the way his team battled and continue to get better. And for the Blackhawks, they still got to find a way to play that 60 minute game. Too many opportunities. Ah, simple center Lane Dr. Kind of missed assignment on a rush coming up the ice got the Florida Panthers there last two goals. And that was the separation that they were looking for. The Blackhawks had some good momentum to build on after they tied the game on the foreign Force situation. But right after that. It was Florida regaining the lead quickly, and I think that that was the big old boy. How many times do we talk about it, John that that important shift right after scoring a goal or getting scored on response from from Florida was tremendous, and rather than the Blackhawks being able to build on some momentum, it was quickly taken away from him, and they just didn't seem like they ever recovered After that. We'll put that on the list of things to work for, and the ditch. Which player of tonight's game, Woz, I'm gonna give it to Connor Murphy Connor Murphy played 22 a half minutes and this one had a couple shots on goal. Three of them were blocked or missed. They picked up his first goal of the season. So the Ditch which player of the game is Connor Murphy, sponsored by Ditch, which Midwest since 1970 ditch which Midwest has been your partner for Treacher's cable plows and directional drills visit did switch Midwest calm, all right, great job by you with the color, but we'll do it again on Tuesday night, I look forward to it as am I. All right, thanks to Troy Murray for a great job with the color special, thanks to Brett Jackson, Christophe Laura's And the hard working crew here at our flagship station with all the production and engineering duties big thanks to all of you Blackhawk fans out there that were kind enough to tune us in. Sorry about how the score ended up. We hope you enjoyed the broadcast that Troy and I brought to you here tonight, Along with Chris Boden And speaking of Chris Boden. He is the last guy on my list. I wanna thank Chris for helping us out. Getting us through black cock central, pregame the intermissions and wherever you're heading on your way, where, whether it's home, or I don't know someplace else. Maybe the office maybe to an activity. Please drive safely. Chris is going to get you there with the Blackhawks Postgame show one more time. The final score was the Florida Panthers five and the Hawks two for everybody I mentioned I'm John Weidman. Thank you for tuning in. This has been black cocks. Hockey on 7 20, WGN. Chris has got postgame activities. Let's get it to him right now. The Chicago Blackhawks Walking Stanley Cup. It's time for the Chicago Blackhawks postgame show on the Black box radio network. Here's Chris Boat, Mike Cox, Volvo and three after another five to lost this one to the Florida Panthers. We got post game up until 9 30 will bring you some live postgame reaction as well from Sunrise, Florida as players and head coach Jeremy Carlson meet the media as soon as want. Someone is up at the podium. Certainly head down to Florida for some of that reaction, but for the year and now let's start with reaction from Troy Murray and, you know, it was ironic that we played in the pregame show a bite from Patrick Kane wind to see how this team would handle getting a lead. Well, they almost had a lead on a goal by Patrick King, but he was called for offsides on it. And once again the Blackhawks. It's tough, always playing from behind, and that's what they have found themselves in in every game. Every situation they finally caught up tonight. But once they caught up, it certainly didn't last. Very long, Just tough circumstances to try and dig yourself out of this hole. But they have no choice here coming down coming Tuesday night to close out this road trip? No, I mean it's It's frustrating. And, um, you know, losing the first three games of the year. The way that they have lost these games. There's been some moments of what you like to see if you're the head coach, and there's ah moment. There's lots of moments in these games that you've got to work on as a head coach. With the players, but you know again, I thought the first period was good. I thought they did an excellent job shots. They only had five shots on goal, but they had on those five shots. They had some good opportunities. You feel bad for calling Delia And you've kind of felt bad for the goaltender's, You know, throughout these first three games, Duncan Keith Redirects one in front of the net. They've changed that a couple times now and they've given it to Ekblad. They originally gave it to her. Hey, G, but it never got You never went off the stick of her. Hey, get went off the stick of Duncan Keith. Not much You can do if you're goaltenders when those happen another play a middle name drive, And if you're the Blackhawks, you could certainly take a page out of what Florida did well in this game. That middle eight lane drive was effective and they scored a couple goals off of it. Calvin don redirected one between the legs. Of Calling Delia and not much you can do there, but they have to find a way to play full 60 minutes and they have to have big shifts. After Connor Murphy scored to tie this game, up four on four It only took 20 seconds. 22 seconds later where Lusa Ryan and broke through and on a 212. And you know Duncan Keys, a veteran defenseman, but I don't know where he was on this play to begin with, But there's no way that Looser right and should be able to find that open space and he buried it with a real good shot past Delia, but that that can't happen. It's just a two on two through the neutral zone. All of a sudden, it's a glorious scoring opportunity. Horn quest from the sideboards throws one in towards the front of the net. There was net fronts presence there who bird always there. But Calvin don trying to defend on that redirected it between the legs of Colin Delia. But by Florida throwing guys towards the front of the net, it creates that havoc, and I need to see more of that from The Blackhawks more effort around the front of the Net. T Get yourself in those shooting lanes to create the the screen. Look for those 2nd and 3rd opportunities too many times what we've seen here in the first three games. It's been one and done for the Hawks, Alex to break it scored for a second straight game. He is meeting with reporters by a zoom down in Florida. Let's check that out full 60..

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