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Formats cannabis use. And i think this is probably the major takeaway for me given what happened with chakari. Richardson given the conversations that are happening around. This is why our athletes using cannabis for for whatever purpose like we. We don't really understand this yet. I think the changing stigma reducing stigma the Changing policies around cannabis possession and distribution. Allow us to start having conversations with athletes whether they're shooters or snowboarders or long distance cyclists. Why are you using cannabis in your training program. Is it really just at the end of the hard day of training that you use it to relax or doesn't help you focus in your training and we were aware of some people who actually use it as part of their training program because it helps them focus in on the what is enduring an arduous tosca of of of training. We need to understand this. We need to know why. Professional sports athletes use cannabis and to better understand whether there's actually are self-medication going on treating anxiety of a helping themselves sleep. I have friends who've been to the olympics and had been in the olympic village with the athletes and they will tell you that cannabis is not foreign to the olympic village. You will find it there. And don't why. What is this substance doing these athletes and if we can understand that better we can understand what it is. They're trying to achieve impacts. That helps us understand whether it's really about performance or whether it somehow enabling them to do. What is a highly stressful. You think of an olympic athlete. Who showing up at the games after years of preparation. It's all on the line that athletes the pressure the anxiety loss of sleep. The pain from training must be enormous. The nausea and you know as well as anyone trevor. How much antimetric properties. jt has is. It is it that we don't know about. I think we have an opportunity to take the lid off this issue explorer. Examine it talk to these athletes. Take away the judgment in the stigma and just better understand what's going on and yet before the time on new people sneak this in so You guys did specifically look at Cannabis add pera olympians. And i think that goes into the broader picture of what could you find about What athletes were actually. If they were using cannabis archaic therapeutically. You the perry olympians. I think one of the quotes was you know if they had some quote. Unquote phantom limb. Pain or other types of morale ges You know this is a legitimate use of of an avenue. It's what were you finding about the paralympian and the the non paralympian 's what if they were using therapeutically what they were using it for and If they did are they allowed. Get exceptions to you know. This is my medicine. I need it for x. So yes there. There is something called therapeutic use exemption and this any olympic or professional athlete going into competition can apply for a t. Which is a therapeutic use exemption and they have to provide some documentation on the part of the work that i did with the ioc back in in the in twenty sixteen seventeen was reviewing the literature on cannabinoid painted particular neuropathy in which was what i was studying at the time as one of the targets. Cannabinoid therapy and they concluded that in a for athletes who had neuropathic pain and if they cut spinal cord injury amputations and a lot of paralympian suffer from these kinds of injuries that have led to them being in the condition that they're in our using cannabinoid lynn. Other things have not helped for their neuropathic. Pain we actually published in for for water. At an example of how that therapeutic use exemption for for cannabis use can be justified based on pain management principles and then a broader paper on the just overall pain management in elite sport. So a number of papers came out of those workshops but back to the tea it is possible and a number of ireland. Vn's i don't know how many it's hard to get data but they have applied for and can show up to a professional event or a aesthetic events with a use exemption. There are encouraged to use journal or nab alone with just in mexico or isolated. Thc compounds that if those have been tried in all works they can have possession of cannabis for the for the treatment of their pain. Neuropathic pain is on the list. But if it's justifiable they're allowed to possess in use the substance as part of their strategy for managing their condition in competition if need see So paralympian really good example of where these elite athletes are using a sub drugs like cannabis cabinets to help them manage their pain so they can perform of. That was great. And i know you're busy. Guide we really appreciate the time that you've given us on this fascinating who who doesn't like talking about the olympics thanks. Was there anything else. That i missed anything else. You were hoping that talk about that. You really want to get out to to the audience about at abyss and elite athletes other than just to reinforce the idea that the the discussions that we're having Changing regulations about cannabis clearly the. Us is a huge part of this conversation. It's still federally illegal in the us until that changes these kinds of issues like sha carry in us drug associations coming down hard on athletes. Those conversations are going to continue to happen until that. Us regulatory approach changes so very much looking forward to seeing some improving more rational drug policy coming from the us also Regarding products for people who are using cd which is perfectly allowable. Now there's no job. No prohibition against that but a number of products are made us for cbd products that still contain thc haven't been regulated that been properly tested chattan. We know that a number of cd products contain thc until those products are properly regulated improperly monitored. There's always that risk that somebody does take t- t- who's actually not even intending to so i think good policy good regulation All of this speaks to the importance of that. It affects all of us. It also affects the athletes that we enjoy watching and that we some of us aspire to be like so. I'm really grateful for you to open up the conversation that i think it's one that we need to keep having mark. Wear this antastic. Thank you very much. I'm sure the audience will enjoy this interview as much as i have. Just thanks very much. Appreciate your invitation. Kirk which think of dr where. I enjoyed this conversation. I was reading an article in time. Magazine and the article comes from june. So it's before if before the olympics it's an article that was written. These are the athletes. You wanna watch out for american athletes watch for of course i started reading it and the reason why i started reading it. Is it related to this story. Because one of the athletes disgust her mental health as an athlete and what happened in the gymnastics part of the olympics. this year. the the best the ultimate gymnast. You know the greatest of all the greatest of all time simone biles byles with a long eyesore byles. She didn't perform many of her events due to stress. And i'm thinking to myself There was at famous japanese..

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