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Mean we even had dick dick stockton here for a while yellow. Curt flood did it Wayne walker the local legend. Reggie i mean harmon killebrew Haven larry baer on the cal college radio one year. Nineteen seventy k. l. Larry baer at the mike and on the giant side After russ bill. I mean After russ and bill thompson Did some work in the seventies bill. King even did some in the early sixties. But but you know it. The giants had their share. I al michaels was here for a cup of coffee. Or to lindsey nelson who was probably a little bit to new york for the san francisco audience. He didn't have the national necessary casual. sunday afternoon. Mowing the lawn cannon voice but greenwald lawn and and yet other guys but you know and then petaluma mayor de glass with the morgan call and and how about phil stone or joe angel. Even arctic man. I mean all the way up until today's guys and and it's weird because the you look at the broadcasters on both sides of the bait now and they don't give up these jobs but back then especially on the east side like you said they came and left these wonderful names and voices. I guess because a finley but there were some turnover as well on the giants side. Run fairly was here for a bit too but Yeah no more man. I mean now you look at the broadcasters on both sides which is kind of how i wanted to ask you about your time because you did as games from was a one to eleven are non Tell me about that. How how did that go. What were the memories and On and off the field. So what got the the The as backup radio play by play..

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