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I'm sure they, they all know chomping at the bits or will it change the game much where the games played. Do you think it's going pretty much give it more space? You look at the inside the three point line when you have a guy who's a post up player who's uniquely. I was skilled sacred via the play with his bag to the basket use a little bit more space to operate, whether paint doesn't seem so clog up. We have guys sitting out there, three point line loughry points shoes, and can shoot the ball. You know, nowadays, a lot of people 'specially in the NBA level. Are you seem like fours and fives to, to Ford threes, gang or some of them came really shoot three but they they taking it. But, you know, for us in how we gonna play, you know, for next season, I could see that three point line being very useful in that more pointing out the players wanted, joy spend some time behind it. They line because we. Pricing, a lot, you know, in developing our guys into becoming better shooters will be officially time here in the podcast. We're really looking forward to seeing the beginning of the Juwan Howard era of Michigan basketball, just south cool, to say it, bringing bringing Juwan Howard back to Ann Arbor to coach, the basketball team. And I know we're really excited about it. I'm sure you are as well. And if there's anything here in the football program, where we could assist and be a part of recruiting or whatever, whatever assistance, we can bring you in your program. Please let us know. Oh, sure will definitely gonna take you up on that offer. Any, you know, likewise, guys, same here for me to of all information inmates every sport, everything that's involved in at school. You don't sweep passionate alone. You know, I'm gonna super supportive for anyone out there is a Michigan like you guys on. Thank you for the invite over the years. I appreciate it. Jim for you allow me to come in watch practice, speak to the guys. Now that mitt the lights. Me. I joy that at moment you can trust. I'll be back there again. Coming up next Jack talk here on each day. The Harbaugh's podcast, this is Jack talk. I wanna listen, I want to be better. I want to be the best. I can be welcome to our team. Jack talk as you get older. You get to be seventy eight years old. Here's what I find hair grows in places that it hadn't been before. Welcome to hashtag, Jack talk it is. Now time for everybody's favorite segment the week here on a tacky. Stay the Harbaugh's podcast, check talk. And Jack, I know you've been traveling around we talked about your event in Jackson but prior to that, you actually earlier the previous week, you were up in Flint, speaking to the U of M club of Flint and under the golf out during the day. And then the, the dinner that night, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that are in that club. I've played in that event in a couple of times a couple times in the past and been up to Flint and spoke to that group as well. Great group up there. And it sounds like you had a great time. I know you've got great rave reviews. But what about your perspective on the event, it was fantastic group for us we go back and we get a chance to, to reconnect to the seventies, and the principal at south western high school was there, talking about Rick Leach and all the different players Jeanne? Johnson all the players that came through Flint, not just the Leoni. His brothers came out of powers high school. So we had a chance to reconnect..

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