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Figured the giants were going to be the main topic tonight during the day, I said because I watched him in good Lord today stink. But hold off an and you you heard are highlighted Papa and Schumer and saying what they had to say. But then I see the scroll going across the the TV about Didi. When you see it and part of it goes by Sergio. Anyway, what was that? And you gotta sit there, and what did I miss if you're ready to go to your phone, go by Tommy John surgery? When it is happening. And you heard Cashman Boone talking about what is happening. The herbs of lifting something. I'm leaving leaving the stadium. Getting ready to go home. No in the game. They sitting is the Red Sox. Ball of of defense of the wall. And then made it throw and he felt cash balance. A couple of throws the first he thought something was wrong. Let's say Tommy John surgery, take then Tommy John surgery used to be just it takes a year. Now, the narrative changed well takes a year if you're a pitcher, but not if you know this player. And eighty point to gleyber Torres. But you know, he had Tommy John surgery on his non throwing here. TJ Rivera had Tommy John surgery and never made it back last year. So to say he's gonna play the bulk of the season, you know, I don't have a problem with Taurus playing short. They bring McNeill walk to be the full time second baseman. I mean there there's there's those options. And then of course, there's the Manny Machado option. I think so Sherman of the post was saying you should sign up for five years for. Two hundred million make him a forty million dollar player. You're not going to ten years. Nobody's gonna do that stuff anymore. But I just I just said if for some reason the Yankees did go after Machado. So that means catcher I. Short. Third, right. Left. If you bring back mccutchen there. All right handed hitters. Doesn't seem like they're going to be no depending on Greg bird at all. They're all right in hitters. Didn't. They just say before he got hurt the name left left-handed, bats. And if you're gonna believe he's coming back back in may or June. Good luck. I'm you know, me. He'll be one hundred percent a year from now. Now, they're saying, well, you know, I watch it s and why and he was saying something along the lines of he's not a pitcher. So he's not gonna have to make that many throws. Well, you still got to go through the rehab process. That's gonna take a while. And now, you know, you you wonder when when the arm is repaired he'll be able to make those throws from the corner. But sees. Well, at least, you know, they're under the the salary, gresh, hold at that him to. It's going to be reset. Spend some money if he wants to but it's. He's a good player. We all know that. Fits in with everybody. But it's Tommy John surgery. If it was Tommy John surgery on his left arm, and and he said he was coming by spring. I'd be like, okay. But it's Tommy John surgery on his right arm for short, stop it as a gun for an arm. It's gonna be he makes the throw from deep in the hole, and it just doesn't get there as fast anymore. What did he Yankee sign with? Oh and put him at third and trade Torres and hope to I mean, and then what? Now, it's. It's too bad. It's too bad. I mean, really. Say that he's gonna come back and play the bulk of the season. I'm like that's just being that sounds like talk. No big deal. All of a sudden Tommy John is no big deal. Okay. I hope I hope he comes back stronger than ever. I really do. But it just you know, I'm. Bringing it back a bit. You know, we'll we'll come. He comes back when he comes back. If have surgery this week. Then you can kind of put some kind of artificial clock up. Then there's the giants. I remember the caller who famously said that they would go thirteen and three this year. He might have the thirteen right? Just in the wrong column. They're not gonna make a change of quarterback. Not now. They don't have anybody else. And I'm not even get into capper, Nick or a backup. Let letter. No, no, no. He's the quarterback for a while. If he stinks next week. He's still the quarterback. Avi stinks. The week after that is still the quarterback. Giants going to rule the day that they didn't take a quarterback and to say, well, we'll get a good quarterback next year. Yeah. Okay. If you say, so. But. They're going to say to this last year was year two quarterback though. So many take it they could have done they could've they could've done. Who? Anybody but bra, but then then Baker Mayfield. And what do they have? Now, they have a stud running back. You know, you look at at. Barclay. Unless he gets hurt this this he could be Roger Craig type back where he averages a thousand yards rushing thousand yards receiving he's that good. He's that good. And he got a wide receiver who's all pro. But he's a he's a diva beyond diva. Traded. But now you your. Arguing with a fan ninety flush fresh flesh and blood fan. No, you're arguing with a metal fan. Gus for rod residents headbutted the wall hurt his neck and this guy's head butting a fan. It's just stop already. You gotta you gotta thing for inanimate objects. Does he gonna marry kicking net? Now, he's having a relationship with the fan. What's next? It'd be engaged to the Gatorade cooler. So you gotta top running back and a top wide receiver and a quarterback who if this was nineteen fifty five you'd probably be the MVP, but he's immobile quarterback in a mobile era. Everyone wants to do to read option. Giants can't. They're gonna have a problem. They're gonna have the potential of a great offense. And why is it that the giants and the Mets remind me of the same organization that the the giants have a problem with the offense of line. The Mets have a problem with the bullpen. It's been an ongoing issue, and it never gets old. They try, but he never get it done. One in five. Is it scary to think could they have back to back thirteen loss seasons? Oh, man. Couple of boxing, those who there is actually a very good fight on tomorrow. And I'll give them profit on ESPN not ESPN plus regularly ESPN ten thirty WBO welterweight championship. Terrorists Crawford thirty three and thirty four Twitter. I'm sorry. Twenty four knockouts and Jose Benveniste has junior twenty seven and eighteen kale both guys undefeated. And I don't know if you saw the way in those two knows and you. Just talking trash. Beneath is put his hands on Crawford pushed him away and Crawford. Threw a right cross. It just missed. I don't know if that's good or bad because if he had hit him, there's no fight tonight. But that's a good fight now from the bizarre. Talk a friend of mine in boxing, couldn't Manny Pacquiao signed a to fight deal with Al Hayman over Showtime. Bob with him. He's done. He's gonna fight agent. Bronner? I guess he's the Kanye west of boxes. So that'll be kinda that'll be that press conference will be bizarre. And if he bsb Browner get ready for this, folks. Pack. I'll Mayweather too. Not with my money. You guys wanna do that? He wasn't welcome. Not interested. Disappointed in the first one, and I didn't pay. I just was covered. It. They got four point six million bucks. You know what he'll do? You know, what it'll make money. People will watch. And then people be disappointed. Watch bahama. Joe Frazier have their have their fourth fight when they're both like sixty. How about Marvin Hagler fight one more time at some point is over. But if you wanna pay that kind of money that's up to you. So we got a bunch of stuff to get on by the way, the NBA season starts on with officially starts on Tuesday. But for the locals nets active trade on Wednesday Atlanta at the Knicks on Wednesday Brooklyn beat the nets a few hours ago. Brooklyn finished the preseason to and to fifty percent from the field against the Knicks. Knicks finished the season three three and to forty five percent. Mr. Knox was like one for six or something like that. But it's preseason. My son loves the NBA all these people are getting excited the preseason the PC's preseason, you know, me I wanna see twenty games. I gotta see twenty games is easy to say. Oh, they're going to be a playoff team are going to be thirty games. Let me let me give you a twenty games. Every year we go over this. Let me see what you look like after twenty games. If you ten and ten maybe you'll be you'll be. Year five hundred eighty seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six when we come back. We got a lot of baseball and football to get to right after this. Yeah. We sorta stopped paying attention and racked up a lot of day. Yeah. It was stressful. He blamed me for my credit card debt, and I blamed him for building that man cave. It's awesome. Anyway, we stop blaming each.

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