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Using duct everything over didn't try and destroy the studio. All right. I'm sorry, joining us from San Marino one of his favorite places Woody in Eddie's. His are are very Harvey worming when you're not at what do you imagine you're at Ted's of Beverly Hills, but good to have you with us anyway. Harvey, how are ya? It's been a long time. Had been a long time and you know, I, I've been coming to Woody Netease longer than I've been. Ted grins, bells, excuse me, pet bells give do or do do you know where you do? I mean, giving give do, do do, yeah, yes, give to do is do. And what did I say give do where you feel it is is beauty Anneli. Would he in what Ellie Woody in is the place you've been going? Yes, that's the place that also heads of. I thought it was Ted Drane. It's Ted bell. Ted bell. Anyway, Harvey. Interestingly, although you're in semi retirement as an attorney, do some pro Bono for the u. and others. You got involved in this this notion that the l. a. charges should go back to San Diego. I've been a longtime football fan as you have, and I have seen what has happened to this San Diego charger franchise in a matter of eighteen to twenty four months. The National Football League is taking one of the story franchises in professional football history, football team that originated in Los Angeles, yes. But in the matter of one season when they recognize the writing was on the wall and they were not gonna be able to compete with the Los Angeles Rams the charges made the decision to move their operation and a man by the name of Barron Hilton, and I know that you know that day name Barron Hilton?.

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