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Williams twenty five western southbound budget about fifty minutes traveling from georgia four hundred around the west freeway delays into cab county to eighty five eastbound northbound between six seventy five and update all lanes being held again i twenty eastbound before lower boulevard triple team traffic wsb domestic dispute in florida has ended with three people dead in lumpkin county georgia sheriff stacy jared there says a man tracked his wife or girlfriend up here after she had left him found her at her sister's house he shot both of them dead shot a sixteen year old in the house a two year old injured i don't know how long a domestic situation had been going on between the man and woman but this unfortunate that they went to this level of taking innocent people fly a thirteen year old in the house managed to escape the man shot himself data's law enforcers arrived a charter bus headed to the masters flipped on i twenty today sending eighteen people to the hospital and the driver charged with dui several people to last report in critical condition the passengers hadn't noticed trouble talking to some of the witnesses that were on the bus at the time they said that this had happened on two occasions previously from a trip to atlanta where the driver had gone authorized side of the roadway and brought it back on to the lanes of travel in this time he went too far off the roadway when he overcorrected at calls that bus to spin turnover georgia state patrols chris reid identifies drivers sixty one year old stephen hop and brower buford breaking news i this is w sp twenty four hour continuing new as just aboard air force one moments ago to reporters president trump makes his first public comment on stormy daniels he says he did not know his personal lawyer michael cohen had paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars just days before the presidential election that denial is a significant statement going forward in that case president trump has revived his unsubstantiated claim this afternoon a massive vote fraud and the two thousand sixteen elections this time saying millions.

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