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What wealth creation your home districts chugging warm winter points out that the mac dis making bullish crossover here we go see that there you go again there's the bulls course our money flow index which is volume waited momentum in care has made a sharp move up money flow index elect show all the indicators batter that's a sign that big institutions keep on the stock put altogether marine ablaze in honeywell's longterm tim continue in stock these pace with is rising fifty two moving average of i want you to keep pace with is the fact that the company reports friday here's the bottom line for all the time the new spin listening to an endless stories about these only strengthened tech the truth is that facebook and microsoft are far from the only stocks that have recently touch the new i and it's not just about amazon it's not just about netflixing what you take when you take a broader look at the whole market you can buy all kinds of big household name stocks are working here stocks have nothing to do with tech in fact the charges to prevent bob marino since that honeywell blackstone priceline at the end potential all have more room to run heck that's an on stocks diversified portfolio right there he even thanks exxon in the most hated part of the market the energy space could be due for rebels in other words don't want to tech rally blind everything else is going right there's too much good hatton wait now got much more met bunny head including the quarter drove networks alltime highs today i thought the deal secret by move that it's not just that clinton career movie or to not stranger things and might take on whether they're still time to buy this stock you wanna know that i have talked about yet today plus companies like amazon it best buy used proline just warehouses around the world but there's something else hit nassim filled it could be even more valuable than merchandise and bears p where the story of a stock of when single digits new twitter dollars a share just over a year and help wall street got the sports seoul wall so stick with kramer.

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