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Had off season. You made significant changes to medical and training staff is a reflection of all the injuries that you guys have adored over the last three seasons. I think the first part about it when we talk about some of the people left Sharon decided not to renew her contract. She's got family on the West Coast. And she decided to move back to the West Coast and appreciate her work and wish her well Sean Holes contract expired as well. We had a unique opportunity. I think that We have the need and we got two guys and Tom and Ted. That very excited about that. We think are going to be huge additions to our football team and we gotTA look at anything. We can to get better. You know We owe it to our players to our coaches or organization to our fans to find ways to get better. I'm feel like we're very fortunate to get those guys in charge of their respective departments. Yes that's a great question you know everyone. In performance and strength will report to Ted and everyone in the training rules reports atop of invention. Dr D-notice we was going to evaluate during the season. Your whole training and Rehab Process. Can you tell us anything about that? Evaluation what he found it needed to change. Yeah we wanted to step away from it. That's why we're GONNA make changes right away or add anyone right away and kind of get a fresh lines because obviously when the season ends. You're disappointed that the season ended and We've had a lot of injuries last couple of years. There's no doubt about it and I take responsibility to for the things that I can do. Better there But I think when we looked at it and saw the opportunity some people leaving in the opportunity to get people that we think are going to be really outstanding for our football team without a no-brainer.

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