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Was like. Oh yes Jesus yes we totally have gargoyles guys are bad. Sorry that was that was not on purpose. And that's kind of how I feel Gargoyles Justice League Avatar the the animated shows that can tell a story without it being Kooky wacky. We had that with thunder cats. We we had that with teen titans. Now we don't and let me preface this and saying I like teen titans go and and I'm a grown ass man in my thirties. I like team Tyco and go see the movie and was fine. It was it was but I do think that that we still have a market for action animation. That tells you a story. I definitely think it's still out there and seeing an thunder cats roar such as it is it just reminded me of how bummed I was that thunder cats In twenty eleven got cancelled the way it it did not just that just bumped me out aside from the fact that well once again. It kind of looks like Oh K. K. O. Two point. Oh Um I I gotTa Tell You David I think what cartoon network and you know this goes on to my favorite scapegoats show as well which I I think we might discuss a little bit. But cartoon network has ideas but then when it goes into SUV finally putting them into practice into fruition and completion execution. They're just not taking the right direction with any of their projects. I don't think you know you have something like adventure time which is just spread out and there's too much that you're trying to juggle in the air. There's too many characters. The Art Direction Literally Ruins Your House style for decades which shouldn't have because the the entire channel was you know one show after the next look completely different and you know the genre wasn't Kooky action adventure comedy all the time. Oh man you know moving moving forward into that I. I'd like to see you know with this. New Change in leadership see more more focused You know show runners. That may be. Don't just have. Hey I have this idea for the ending of season one with this one character but but I don't know how the four main cast are gonNA fully developed or if they've ever discussed any kind of conflicts at length and yes vegan about Steven Universe. So let's just jump in On gotTA everybody Jack my was still talk every now and then and one topic that kept coming up. We'll Steven Universe I think both jacket I have varying opinions On Steven Universe and I will say inbetween US doing the podcast. The Steven Universe movie came out and now we've entered Third Steven Universe Future. I really enjoyed the movie. I think that it tied up a lot of loose ends. It gave us a character in spinal that was obviously very popular. If you went to any conventions in two thousand nineteen and I thought the music was pretty league good overall maybe not. I'm decent and best. That has come out of that franchise but pretty good overall. I enjoyed it quite a process to The diamonds Andrew Sisters. Oh my gosh number because I gotta say It took me a minute to to realize that. That's what they were. You know taking a mosh because if it's not completely blatant with this show it can get really vague but the show is really good that stuff and then there are moments where it where Steven Universe is almost family guy. In how obvious it's references are ELA ned. I'm GONNA talk about. Yeah let's talk about it talk about Steven Universe Future I think you might have stronger opinions on Steven Universe future than I do but I will say that I am enjoying dare I say the crew at Steven Universe future doing something called foreshadowing towing and storytelling how that you don't see that much anymore in American annexation foreshadowing and storytelling and having a bit of a message message dare I say As we know with Steven Universe Future Stephen is now sixteen years old. He use seventeen now actually so so he. He's a young adult. He's growing up and I I think about the the kids who are growing up. WHO started watching Steven Universe when they were young and I really hope that they're watching this show and it is helping them with growing growing up because they're seeing Stephen go through these things where people are moving on with their lives? Relationships are changing and Stephen. Even in some ways is growing up himself he's running low homeschool The crystal gems aren't really kind of they're still trying trying to mom him a little bit and he's getting a little tired of it like hey I'm growing up. I'm seventeen I can. I can be my own man and in some ways and he still has has his relationship with his father episode. Stephen Tag was a great episode in the Hitomi of their comedy. Mixing exciting with their filler mixing with character moments in the eleven minute runtime just really really well and keeping some superpower gem action in there like they got everything they checked every check box I think possibly could but that it really hit home the the story points that I'm talking about. It's the one one of Stephen is growing up and everyone is dealing with moving on and growing up in in time in over the last few years like like we all do and also growing up isn't easy and Steven is having a hard time with that that has been the the arc that has been sprinkled throughout the show. That Stephen is having moments where he's having a hard time dealing he can deal at sometimes and he's okay but sometimes he's not and it's getting a little out of control well at times. I like the story that it looks like they're telling I don't want to give this crew and this show too much credit it but it looks like they are putting in things that What I criticised adventure time for? It looks as though Steven Universe future clearly has a plan of where they're going and I can respect that. I can see where it's going and I see the themes in I respect what they're trying to do so so far I'm giving Steven Universe of future thumbs up so far how about you jack. Well.

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