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Nuclear deal from the president of Iran have the world's attention, especially at the White House today. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in Iraq this morning after canceling a trip to Germany, citing pressing issues correspondent bills emperor. With more. The United States continues to move closer to a possible conflict with Iran this on the anniversary of the US withdrawal from the joint comprehensive plan of action better known as the Iran nuclear deal latest developments. Iran's president Hassan Rohani has announced that Iran will stop exporting excess uranium and heavy water as required onto the JCP and gave signatories of the deal. Sixty days to set new. Terms or it will begin enriching uranium at higher levels that could make it usable in nuclear weapons. He also warned of a strong reaction if more sanctions were to be imposed against Iran. The United States right now has restored crippling sanctions against Iran since withdrawing from the nuclear deal last year. Last minute talks in Washington will not change Democrats plans to move forward with contempt of congress charges against attorney general William bar vote comes today negotiations it seems the House Judiciary committee and the Justice department could not make concrete progress toward resolving their dispute resulting from the request of you the full unredacted Muller reports the Justice department had offered access to more of the reports, but only in a classified setting and only viewing by members in congressional leadership. House Democrats say all members should have access and subpoenaed to get it with no middle ground found. The house committee will take up the resolution to hold in contempt of congress. Followed by vote which would t it up for a vote in the full house later this week. Serena Marshall, ABC news Capitol Hill. 707 now in a school. Principal in Pennsylvania will no longer say the words, God bless America. After leading students in the pledge of allegiance at least one parents took offense with the morning routine by principal. Peter Grigg the freedom for. Religion foundation claims it violates the constitution's ban of government sponsoring religious messages. Just last month the New York Yankees Philadelphia Flyers stopped playing Kate. Smith's version of God bless America. Citing racist lyrics in her song. Catalogue a music video filmed inside a Catholic church in Worcester has many locals up in arms WBZ TV's. Paul Burton with more..

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