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Strawberry letter to Harvey FM. Dot Com and click submit strawberry letter we could be. We could reach your letter. Live on the air. Just read that one. Right here right there right now. And hold on tight. We had it for you here. It is strawberry letter. Thank you, nephew. Subject to is company, but it's three always a crowd. Dear Stephen Shirley I've been in a relationship for five years with the man that thinks we are exclusive. I'm in my late forties and my sex drive has been through the roof lately. My boyfriend is fifty three and he's a beast in the bedroom. But he's, but he's not enough for me and he's not as Kinky as he should be. Let me stop right here and say that perhaps I need to do disclaimer with this letter. If you have small children, you may not want them to hear this your kids. My nine hundred here is yeah yeah. Yeah! Let's do a disclaimer with this letter, okay? I'll start with starbuck with this line. My boyfriend is fifty three, and he's a beast in the bedroom, but he was not enough for me. I like saying, but he's not enough for me, and he's not as Kinky as he should be. For the first time in my life I'm a cheater. I've been having sex with the thirty year old neighbor, and it is fun and spontaneous, and he gives me the fire that I desire. This is not the only man I'm seeing on the side though I have reunited with an old boyfriend. I know we're going to have sex sooner or later and I'm ready for him I. Don't feel bad about it because my boyfriend cheated on me early in our relationship and I was all sad and felt like I did something wrong, but now I understand that cheating is harmless. If you do it discreetly and used protection, so here's my dilemma. Dilemma I'm sure my boyfriend may suspect that I've changed in the bedroom. Because the asked me about a new move that I did on him I have explained to him that I'm always in the mood, and that I've got to have it, but I don't think it's registering to him. What I mean I want to be open and honest with him about my affair with thirty year old man and see if he'd be open to doing a threesome. I know men like threesomes with another woman in the bed, but I want to experience to men in the bed. I know this taboo subject and black men especially. Don't WanNa hear this. The difference is it's a man or woman. That's a threesome with us. How can I bring this up to my boyfriend without him? Being offended to feel like he's not doing a great job. Well I don't think he's going to be offended that he's not doing a great job I. Think you're absolutely bright. You know especially about black men. No, they're not gonNA. Want another man in the bedroom with them if you want to. Miss Freaky Tiki. You, you know you kind of contradict yourself a little bit, too. You say he's a beast in the bedroom, but then you say he's not enough for you. Okay what is going on with you? Why do you need all of this? You got your man who's a beast in the bedroom. You got thirty year old, and then you got this other guy I mean. When is it going to be enough? What if the threesome? Isn't enough? You know I mean wh what's happening with you your freakiness. Could you know get you in a lot of trouble with this relationship? You're in now this man if he really cares about you and you took him back, so you know. Maybe he's trying to make it better You said he was the first one who cheated. He really cares about you. He's not going to want to see you with another man or in your case, men. There are double standards. Sorry, you know they're just double standards. That's just how life is. You know we can't do what men can do. Men Can't do what we can do. Their double standards exceptions to every rule so I think. You know. I'm not condoning this I'm not judging you, but I just don't think you're a fifty three year. Old Man who is a beast in the bedroom is going to be down with this. I just don't see that happening for you, so you're GONNA have to. You know get your your freedom and your experience and your freakiness off some other kind of way. Tommy J., let's let's let J.. Go Steve Zahir. It's going to be Jay. Junior Tommy responding to the strawberry letter all right. Yeah Can can relate to this. Let Him. Being a beast I can relate to that. I'm older, but. Is a piece I'm just. Understand she's. She's dating a Bee's. Relate I relate. A related apply being. Beef and I don't know. I've never been a never been asked to bring in another piece. While I was a piece. Of? Pie, but his his high, she might be able to get. What she wants his another beast she got. She got a younger beast an OB. She won't. The older beast is not going to go for this. The only way a threesome is going to be enticing him is if we turn threesome into a Nansen in the other, the other women journal of. Of that is to to. In people four. Seven women that meave with the seven and one beast. He won't, he won't be. He won't pay attention to what you're doing. 'cause he'll be so busy bee sting other seven women in the room. If, you increase if you agree to a announce some, maybe the beast might go for it, but other than that he gonNa go for it I don't see it happen, and this is coming from a beast increase. Deeper right base and Here WHOA. I hear laughter in the room. And when I see. You laugh at yourself. Plenty to me. To me all right, we. Got To go to break Mr. Beast but when come back, we'll hear from junior, and then from Tommy subject of today's letter to his company, but his three all ways the crowd. We'll have part two of this letter coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour right after this. You're listening to. Morning Show. Guys let's recap today. Strawberry letter subject to is company, but three is always a crowd it was written by. A woman.

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