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Seven to nine ninety four ninety four that say you get aboard Phillies coming in at nine at six Mets at ten and six fills off of what was at six losses. This year feels like half of them if not more than that have been kind of like last year's losses where their gut wrenching. They had the game down in DC day the game here last week. And then the game last night they lose in eleven innings seven and six last night. And it continued a trend with a couple of things and the biggest one is this. The just struggle with the Mets now for years and years dating back to the Phillies now fifty and eighty three against the New York Mets, and it's been different renditions of each of these teams some have been bad. So have been good mostly bad Phillies teams mostly bad Mets team soup. Except for a couple of seasons. Now, we look at these teams. And I think they're both pretty good teams at two teams that will compete for the game one of nineteen ghosts the Mets last night. And the concern today moving forward remains Aaron Nola who did not pitch. Well again last night. And now had three straight starts worse than anything. We saw all of last year starting pitching has been a concern for the Phillies. And here's the thing this offense, although they had moments last night where they could have pushed forward put the game away won the game. They did score six runs last night in a game started by Noah Syndergaard. So it was not a night where they were completely shut down the way they were a couple of times in Miami. It wasn't that. And Syndergaard was cheating the whole time. So this pine tar did you hear hospice today? Basically. I don't mind as long as you can grip the ball. Well, I get it. But I mean every kind of does it, but he's a cheater and he's met. So and he did she video is pretty clear he had pie tortoise cloth. It was right on the the the palm area of the glove. And you could see the video where he put his. His his index finger middle finger of his pitching hand and touch the pint I mean, he was cheating last night. You know what though he had better control his pitches. Aaron Nola, maybe Eric to try the pine tar because last night. He didn't know where the ball was going eight seven to nine nine four nine four. So the pitcher remains a concern for the Phillies, and when they get a quality start this you they're five and one when they haven't they're four and five tonight. It'll be prevented. We'll get to the starting pitching matchup with our what's on the menu coming up in a few minutes. But tonight patheticness get the Phillies more than Aaron all did. And it more than he has so far because the bullpen although it has been much better last couple of days always bullpen. Now. It's amazing early in the season stats could change the Phillies. Bullpen lowered the over the last two days from five four four two four to six inches two days because they had the eight innings of shutout baseball on Sunday and Miami and they had yesterday only get one earned run in relief yesterday all the way through the eleventh inning. And obviously the lost that game with with defense more than Pattni shack. And is you know as well. Worry worrisome as the bullpen has been at times for the Phillies. So far. Four point two six area on the season. That's actually above average. The major league baseball average bullpen area right now is four point four seven. So this is a problem around baseball relievers getting lit up Phillies bullpen is push above that average now and they made a change today Granderson. Thanks for the memories by comes up here. Yesterday gives them two innings out of the bullpen because they needed an arm and what no not going very long they needed multiple innings reliever yesterday. It became Granderson actually pitched pretty well had a three pitching and his first sending a work. So he goes right back to Lehigh valley. And Jared, I cough makes his way back, and I will say tonight when it comes to Panetta if he doesn't pitch well, and he just kind of this game early. And we see eye coffin. I cough pitches. Well, there will be a large number of people who say, you know, what keep I cough here. It said that it down. That's the kind of pressure that could be on the night, eight hundred seventy nine ninety nine four and the big announcement today than the also. Four game officially being announced here in Philadelphia for two thousand twenty six was a shakeup in the line of because of a minor injury. Yesterday early in the game on a double steal Reese Hoskins came up slowly at second base. After being thrown out in jammed his ankle on second base. He stayed in the game play the entire game. Yesterday, didn't really show. Many. I didn't notice any ill effects in terms of him at the batter's box running. He obviously felt it was swollen today. It's wrapped he is not in the starting lineup Phillies say he is available to pinch hit tonight and he will play tomorrow. But no Hoskins in tonight's starting lineup. Bob and lower pots grove is up on leading off, Bob. Yeah. Good evening show. Of course, we have to worry about Aaron doa, but he's not the only filly who's been disappointing. But I did watch. I hope you watch the post game show last night where they interviewed Nola for about two minutes. I did see it yet. Yeah. Well, listening to and watching him the word, I would use was stunned. He looks done. I've never seen him. I watch all the post game interviews over the years. And that was the Nola who had no idea. That's how he's going to solve his problems stunned. He he he sounded to me like a guy that doesn't understand why this happening and even go to Gabe Kaplan after the game last night him talking about the fact that he just can't command his pitches. And I think that part that stunning all them Bob is if we were to rate the best traits of Aaron Nola, we wouldn't say velocity, we wouldn't say overpowering stuff. We would all say command and he's lost that right anyway before the season started, I voted I thought the Phillies they'd acquired all those all stars in trades or free agent signings. I thought they were great. The odds makers said they were favored the win the nasally second most likely to win the pennant the first week was great Bryce Harper loves Philadelphia and sold elsia love Bryce Harper. They were at a juggernaut for. For the first six games. Now rural new I haven't heard any criticism. He doesn't look anywhere near as though. He's the best catcher in the major leagues. No press Bob with the two thirty one batting average three zero eight slugging percentage yet. Yeah. And hoskins. You mentioned not that anybody cares about my opinion. I told us can you gotta get that batting average up. You can't go from two fifty nine to forty six. And I'm guessing this year low to thirty feet doesn't wake up last night. You know, he was out for five with four strikeouts. And he's responsible for the error. Well, that's the part for me. Bob. I'm not gonna win. I always appreciate now. I'm not gonna worry about Hoskins batting average. If he hits to fifty to sixty to sixty five he's going to walk a tiny for power. I'm not worried about reece's offense. His defense though is atrocious. I mean, he's D H in the the quicker. We all realize that the quicker random except what he is on defense. Hopefully, you can get a little bit better as years go on he doesn't move. Well, if want to give them a little break last night because maybe that ankle swelled up and it was bothering him. Maybe but I've seen enough race at first base a little bit last year a little bit his rookie year when he first came up and then so far this year. He's very good there. And he's better than he wasn't left field because he was the worst leftfielder I've ever seen. But he was not he's not a good first baseman. And that's below average first base with him on defense as far as real Muto who is in the lineup tonight catching he hasn't gotten criticism. Yet, the Phillies have hit a lot without him really being a part of it. He did have a couple of runs batted in on an RBI yesterday RBI single to right field Jovan to he hasn't gotten going yet. Here's the one thing. I'll caution Romeu one thing. He's never really had a great offensive season. Good to good to very good. Not great. I think we all assumed. And I was part of this that he would hit more here because he left a extreme pitcher's park in Miami to come to a hitters park in Philadelphia. That's still could happen. We're fifteen games is that the season. But it's not like he was he's Mike Piazza. We sitting three sixty with forty home runs. If we're like what's going on? He's a good hitter. But let's just last year. He hit two seventy seven which one home runs. Good hitter. For a catcher, very good. But he he's not so far behind his own pace that I think we should all be worried that there's still a lot of time. And I think he's gonna hit Jerry's in Radner. What's up, Jerry? Hey, Joe, how are you? Good, jerry. What's up tonight? All right. So I'm sure you've been an analytics guy and heard Tom sports writer and reduce the effect. She s the extra the extra innings. Yes. The extra innings, and and I'll tell you this. I had a concern going into the season. And it's one of the reason why I'm not going to be crushed. If they don't make the playoffs. One of my big concerns was Nola. And when you look at how Aaron Knowle's pitched basketball's not quite where it was book as a gentleman before sent looks confused lost his really lost his command, especially the fastball. It your image to call hamels of two thousand nine you know, hamels was never diagnosed with an injury. But he threw two hundred fifty and produce you back did. You throw two hundred innings as young starter. You're really struggle. The next year you bounced back the following year. And my concern in the off season was Aaron Nola not because he's not going to be a very good pitcher for the Phillies for ten years. It this year. I can see him struggling throughout the year. And that's a major major problem for the Billy, Jerry. You're right. It is an the it's funny. Well, not funny. But it's ironic I just looked it up. I wanted to see reduces list as you're making your point there. And he actually put Luis Severino from the Yankees on there. And he's already on the disabled list, and he has a shoulder Anna latte injury. So he's he's suffering the effects of of the innings through last year. But it is a concern, Jerry. I think that the point two camels nine is is a good one. And yet last year he threw two hundred and twelve innings Aaron Nola and his previous major league high was one sixty eight it was quite a jump. And when you think about it, you know, if you have an injury, you have pain you report, it they put you on the D L and what happens happened, but we've got a dead arm, or whatever you wanna call it at the hangover from the last year, then Arben August, the first thing that goes is command and and a little bit on the fastball. So you know, I hope he can pull out of it. But I'm afraid to say I would not be surprised if he doesn't get better. I don't think he's going back to what he was last year. And and you know, if we don't make the playoffs this year, we have a young enough team that Nola bounces back next year. You've got some young guys coming up as well from pitching perspectively expensive. Howard, Don Medina. They're going to spend more money again next year. I I'm not reading here off in any way. And I'm going to where the heck out of it. But don't be surprised if if he struggles all year, I wouldn't be I wouldn't be shocked here. And I and I appreciate the call. And I I don't expect them to be quite as good as he was last year either way. But it's so excuse to a Phillies if they need a starting pitcher because they don't have their ace to where they thought they have to go get that starting pitcher eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine for. We'll come back your phone calls, and we'll give you the starting pitching that too for tonight. Nick PETA toes the mound for talking about that. And your phone calls on leading off sports radio..

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