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Plan moving forward. Heather McGowan, the acting director of D.C.'s office of unified communications is for the first time detailing some of the changes she's making. In the next 90 days, the agency will see a few things. The first being a complete policy overhaul. McGowan says she's increased the number of supervisors who are on duty at any given time, and new employees will now need 14 weeks of training instead of the 5 weeks that were previously required. McGowan has a lot of work to do as the call center is often come under fire for delays in sending out ambulances and mistakes, such as sending emergency crews out to incorrect locations. Since last Friday, Montgomery county public schools are saying that several more instances of anti semitic messages have been found inside four school buildings. And this news has the superintendent promising action. We've had 9 incidents. Anti semitic incidents happen in our schools since Friday. And superintendent doctor monifa mcknight says the incidents, including drawings were found at four schools. She's calling the actions unacceptable and says in response, some new steps are being taken, including kids responsible, seeing the axe added to their personal file in a form that has their name and grade level. I think these things are important if you look at the profile of an entire student over time for them currently in their future. And it will identify what the act was. Also for the parents of this dude who get in trouble. We are going to be requesting that our parents come in and be a part of the resolution for that child in the school. Mike Murillo WTO news. Let's stay with Montgomery county a little longer rising hate crimes outside of the schools have prompted a local lawmaker to pursue an anti hate task force. The call is coming from county council president Evan glass, who says the spike in racial ethnic and LGBTQ hate crimes is disturbing and frightening. Glass says the latest numbers from a couple of years ago show more than a 140 bias incidents. More than half were race related, a lot of them focused on black people and two out of ten targeted Asian people. Many of the crimes were aimed at Jewish people as well. Glass sent a letter about this to county executive Markel rich just yesterday. Coming up here after trafficking whether the new January 6 special counsel is burrowing pretty deep inside the Trump inner circle Washington Post live anchor Leon Caldwell joins us with details on WTO after traffic and weather, our weather forecast is going to feature record heat tomorrow, maybe even a little snow on Saturday, so we're going to get everything here pretty soon. Stay with us tonight at ten O 7. Working hard when you'd rather be playing hard, wishing you were clearing a level instead of clearing your inbox, staring at spreadsheets, but stuck on shattering high scores. Turn any time into game time with Samsung Galaxy S 23 ultra. With its large screen long-lasting battery and our

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