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How about you or nothing? Really? What are you up to DOT's fine? You can totally cut it short, but if you want to talk a little bit more and give more information that's up to. To you as well, so you can go on and say Oh, I actually just started my own business. And then you can start a conversation like that, so what I love about these greetings. Is You get to kind of pick? How much or how little you WANNA, share with the other person. The next English greeting once again will be used among friends and that is. How's it? It going so I've said this many times. You can say it with people who are not too close to you as well for example. If I'm at work and I'm talking to someone new, you could just say. How's it going? And that also just means how's everything right so you can say? How's it going? Or How's everything? The person can respond by saying something like Oh it's. It's going great or not much going on right now. The thing I like about the greeting. How's everything is that it's very general. You're not asking them like. How is work or how is your family? You're just saying how's everything and so that means the person you're talking to can kind of pick. What do they feel like about? It's a more general, and it's not as specific. Specific which leads some share what they feel like sharing. If you WANNA, get a bit more specific. You can ask them something specific like. How is your new job? Or how is your new house? So that kind of you can change up, but starting with how and then what you feel like talking about is a good tip. Most of the time people will not respond with that. That much detail about everything going on, they'll probably keep it short and simple like Oh, not too much going on or oh, you know just the same old, and so the same old is that native English speakers say when they're talking about just everything is the same lately. Nothing has changed too much, so if someone asked you. Oh, how's everything? You could say same old same old. Old and that basically just means that everything is the same since the last time you may be talked with that person. A little tip is up Isaac Dress. Not asking someone you don't know very well. How's life because that make them feel a little bit strange since don't know you too well, and they probably don't want to share such personal information about their lives, so instead ask. Ask Them How's everything and Save. How's life for people that know well all right? Let's talk about some very casual English greetings, or you can also call them English slang so I'm sure you've all heard of the one Yo Yo has been more popular in the past and people don't say it as much, but it is still common and especially on text. People do say Yo. So this is just another way of saying. Hey, but even more casual, you can actually even add words on top of it to make it even more personable, so instead of just saying Yo you could say yo, dude or Yeoman. Another popular English greeting, which is also some form of slang would be. How's IT hanging? That might seem a little bit weird because people aren't exactly hanging onto anything, but it's just a way to kind of say, house everything in a more casual informal way. This greeting is definitely more popular among the younger crowd and can be used with friends..

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