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I don't think from watching them. I don't think they're ready for that. Defense yet. I. Like they was in sync auto agree, Willie, just because I mean in Willie play defense, but the defense always starts ahead of offenses early in the season. You know what I mean? So offense is, you know, they got to figure out what they going to do. We going to be running team what we call an old. Certain Dal's defense are usually a step ahead. They ever to put installs in a little bit fast or get rolling and all that good stuff to new all. Specially when you talking about a big time defense who got a lot of special players at a lot of positions. I think the giants are going to run into a bus all I often think offense. Be last year they're going to be off the chart to me just for a year ago. I, it's weird. How orient Pete state almost sounds like. Being the only thing that gives me a little hope about this first game giants. Offense is unscheduled look. So Jacksonville really doesn't have nothing to watch on film. I mean, you could go back and watch Minnesota all you want what he did last year, but it's new players, new quarterback, new everything over here. So that's the only thing that gives me a little hocus Jacksonville's coming in. They gotta play same. They don't know what you're gonna get yelled. That's a good everybody after Dax Ville plays. We'll kind of see how the office for the giants is going to play out James and Willie. You guys have both been on teams that are stronger on one side of the ball versus the other. How how? How does that go? If you're if you're a member of the Jags defense with this all world defense there there. I do happen to think in twenty eighteen that Blake Bortles has a chance to be sneaky decent. And I think Leonard for net is he wasn't right for most of the year and still had a very good rookie season. I think he's going to really bring out two, but either way, given what we know right now it seems like I could hear the Jags in that locker room right now like, Blake, Bortles better, not screw this up. Does that happen? Does the offense sit around the Green Bay in Rogers and company ever sit around, like, man, imagine if we had a defense. Alright. No, because we have ballers over there. We did have all over there and like our defenses stats weren't like good like they'll give up a lot of yards and here near, but Charles Woodson Harris and Nick. They were getting. A bunch of turnovers, you know. But when you looked on paper, you see, oh, they last in yards and lasted stuff swallow. Look at total round. People don't understand. They were getting turnovers getting the ball bag, and we was putting up a lot of points of, we're putting up a lot of points and again, turnovers visiting team's gotta, throw the ball to keep up. His go have Abba, and you guys didn't give up a lot of. I do think it's different when you're strictly just talking to quarterbacks is hard to go and say to hold defense playing. But Jacksonville, compaign point and say, day, we got pretty good while receivers. We got a very good run game. I mean, if our quarterback just could play. So now it's all on one person when a defense is sitting over, does that happen? Are those Jags sitting around now when I was in Cleveland, is that true? That wasn't clue? Was your guy. Until Derek Anderson started to play, but then he got injured. He made the pro, you know, one year he played really well. We went ten and six, but outside of that, like it was Dorsey was Quinn was, you know, other guys that just didn't pan out. And so I think we averaged I dunno close to almost eighty plays a game on defense. So it was like three. Now here we go. We didn't sit down, we come over. And so as we touched the bent, boom, we write back player performance own back there. Yeah, that's how I hit them. Killed. Player before. I mean, so you've told us before Willie that in front of that Super Bowl, and it was not an easy decision as easy as a lot of people in hindsight portray that when Bledsoe in Heinz field wins that game for you..

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