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Now U. S. attorney Geoffrey Berman said he is not prince Andrew has now completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation and our office is considering its options Berman declined to elaborate on those options prince Andrew has denied knowing about Epstein's depravity his legal team declined to comment permanece said Eksteen could not have committed the sex crimes he did without help from co conspirators Erin cutters he ABC news New York at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news your cold from hell insurance money update another manic Monday on Wall Street the stock market indexes suffering their biggest percentage decline since late two thousand eight and the Dow Jones industrial average plunging more than two thousand points for the very first time behind today's massive selloff of Plymouth by oil prices and more concerns related to the corona virus and its potential impact on the economy is it pictures from over the weekend on a cosco stocking up on supplies certainly good for cosco but that implies people are going to live in the homes and so that is really the fear right now that is in the market that's markets reporter miles island of Yahoo finance as he did recently in terms of employees in and around Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area Amazon today told employees at its New York and New Jersey offices to work from home if they can through the end of March to the coronavirus that's your money now I'm Jim Tesco komo news here your political insights from ABC news at least four members of Congress now exposed to corona virus Republican senator Ted Cruz and GOP house reps Paul go Sir Matt Gaetz induct Collins now all opting for voluntary self quarantine after interacting with the person who later tested positive for novel coronavirus at C. pack last month all say they're a symptomatic he Tim Collins were recently with president trump but senior White House sources tell ABC news the president and his closest advisers have not been tested for covert nineteen president trump had a White House meeting Monday focused on the economic response to covert nineteen Larry Kudlow the president's top economic adviser says the administration is considering economic stimulus actions he specifically cited the airline industry and small business groups novel coronavirus is also interesting congressional business the house armed services subcommittee on military personnel was holding a hearing on domestic violence in the armed forces and it had to be postponed because a number of people couldn't travel due to cope in nineteen Alex for J. A. B. C. news Washington his press briefing was brief president Donald Trump promised to help the American people in the wake of the corona virus outbreak touted his plan for economic relief after the Dow dropped two thousand points said he would ask Congress for approval that lessens the payroll tax IT help hourly workers who need to take sick time due to the illness then he quickly walked off leaving his coronavirus task force to take questions so when I was asked how many people had been tested to date health and Human Services secretary Alex Cesar did not have an answer so right now I could not give you a number of how many Americans have received a test because many will receive the test through hospitals or non public health labs and so let's let's work we're getting the system the I. T. system up through CDC traffic.

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