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A angry raise fan concerned about the team moving half their home games to montreal was convinced this is the beginning of the end of the raise in tampa bay news removed by security raise owner stuart sternberg and team management holding a news conference in saint petersburg saying they're on board with the proposal to split the race season between tampa and montreal starnberg says it would create a new norm eighty one home games is a lot of games does the community need to host eighty one home games for that affinity for that connection no other professional or amateur sport comes close to providing eighty one home games in a season sternberg denies that it's about moving the raise out of the bay area to be clear this is not a staged exit that thought has never entered my mind saint petersburg mayor requirement says he is willing to listen to the plan but he won't support building a new stadium for the raise if they're part time team a verdict in the trial of former port richey mayor dale massive jerry finds as follows the defendant is guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice as charged in information so say we all this twenty fifth day of june two thousand nineteen recorded jailhouse phone call captured masset asking his friend and at the time acting mayor terrance row to poke around and find anything they could use against port richey officer kenny howard who was involved in the investigation that led to a swat team raid on his home the judge is waiting for two more court cases at message facing including practicing medicine without a license and for shooting at police during the raid on his home the eyes of the political world on downtown miami has the first group of qualified democratic presidential candidates takes to the stage for the first two debates wide there will be no winner in the debates tonight or tomorrow night and nova southeastern university political science professor charles zeldin says that's not even the goal the candidates are fighting to big enough of an impact to bring a no money to build organization they will need come january and february and march to actually run effectively he says with more than a year to go until the election voters should not focus on who they'll support but rather who do they want to continue to hear from in the coming month the d._n._c. is sanctioned twelve debate the next one is set for next month in detroit wendy grossman miami make sure to tune in tonight for deep analysis of the miami democratic debates hosted by ryan gorman starting at six p._m. here on newsradio w._f._l. a fernando county authorities are looking for three teenagers who were throwing rocks over the suncoast parkway pedestrian bridge near cortez boulevard in brooksville tuesday morning the rocks hit a moving car the driver was not injured but called nine one one ending on the walkway they impaled my car with rock and took off running down the trail no i didn't i seen them just standing there as i was going through all done the rocket my window and they run the hernando sheriff's office says the teams will face serious criminal charges when they're caught the orlando man who made headlines after he killed pinky the popular dancing flamingo at busch gardens two years ago is dead the florida highway patrol says forty eight year old joseph corral was hit by a pickup truck as he cross state road fifty in orange county corral was found to be unfit for trial after he shocked park goers in two thousand seventeen by picking pinky by the neck and throwing her to the ground it's eight oh five newsradio w._f._l. a consumer confidence fell to the lowest in a year and a half mainly because people are worried about the cost of possible new tariffs and about hiring possibly slowing to there have been some signs it is plans to buy new appliances fell to the lowest in more than four years home prices nationally increased at a slower rate than the month before for the thirteenth month in a row to about three percent higher than they were a year ago in many areas not by five or six percent higher the rate at which they had been rising but once again tampa bay is an area where home prices are rising faster than in most other parts of the country the way that new tariffs on iran work basically is simple any financial institution caught assisting iran in any transaction could be cut off from the u._s. financial system bill gates is the latest tech industry leader to say the government should increase regulation of big tech one reason some of the tech executives saying this is because then when criticized they could say where within the regulations that they would have had say in helping to draft an amazon says this year is prime they clearance sale will be two days july fifteenth and sixteenth for newsradio w._f._l. a joe connolly with a bloomberg business up glucose kosta sealed believes everyone.

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