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Forward slash rewards. Good to have you here to 18 traffic and weather on the eights to Rob Stallworth in the W T o p traffic center out of Lewis near College, Clark stay alert along the left side for debris reported to be somebody's furniture in the left center lane on the outer loop near after Route One college park as you head toward I 95 North bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. This is near 1 75. That's where we're getting. The first report of a crash there sat down on the BW Parkway inside the Beltway near the Good luck. Overpass. You may be under police direction for that particular crash scene for traveling in Virginia on the antelope of the Beltway through Tysons the crash in the clearing stages we got still there and picking up the cone. Soon you'll have all lanes open. But for now on the inner loop after 1 23 still what to write Lane's getting by the crash cleanup. No problems reported on 66. I 95 looking pretty smooth for now between the Springfield interchange in Fredericksburg, with all lanes reported to be open. Bailey's Crossroads. Eastbound Route seven Leesburg Pike near Patrick Henry Drive. That's where you're under police direction for that particular crashing between Warrenton and Opal South Down 29 all traffic being diverted at least Mill Road as a result of the crash there involving a pedestrian from earlier today north on our 3 95 still heavy up to one across the 14th Street bridge into the district toward the eastbound freeway and the Third Street Tunnel, what lanes reported to be available. You just pockets of volume continuing in the district. As the road closures continued, be mindful, South bound Rock Creek Parkway. All traffic is diverted at Virginia Avenue. No problems being reported to us there otherwise, 14th Street Lower 14th between the Southwest Freeway and Independence Avenue blocked off his wealth as a 12 Street tunnel north bound toward the freeway and Constitution Avenue New problem in South Capitol Street South down there I street getting the first report of a crack So watch out for that. W T O p Reporters were different. Bly Fitzgerald Auto Mall, shot Fitz first and Save Money or New Toyotas, Hyundais and Subaru's visit. Fit small dot com That's transparent to you Can trust I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic. Now to storm team for meteorologist Lord Ricky. We're going to continue to watch the potential of a few rain and light snow showers isolated at best pushing across the area up until about 8 P.m..

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