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It. It makes less sense for the bengals because you know fancy you know like I mentioned face the franchise one of their best receivers of all time but also they've got Joe Nixon who is really really impressive last year over eleven hundred yards on the ground Giovani Bernard has been a dud so far throughout his career and they drafted Trayvon Williams and they also got Rodney Anderson. If I'm not mistaken so they've got some running backs but it is hard to imagine a team like the bengals angles not wanting to superior running backs now if you're asking me if they would wanna pay for one I that who knows but for this hypothetical situation having Joe Mixing a Melvin Gordon The backfield would be very very very good for a team like Cincinnati and then rather paying a over the hill as you could say wide receiver who's over thirty rather than paying him going into next season. Why not pay a running back heading into his prime which I wouldn't do but they're definitely teams that would do it and crazier things have happened? Odell Beckham Junior was just traded in the offseason that made no sense and then you saw Antonio Brown go so teams are willing to pay these players. Ears crazier. Things have happened but it's possible maybe unlikely but definitely a entertaining topic to talk about because A._J.. Green to the chargers you'd basically be able to enter switch. Everybody a big weakness for the chargers. They're wide receiver three Travis Benjamin or maybe Arteta Scott or maybe Jeremy Davis or maybe Dylan Cantrell but either way. It's not good enough. It could be better so why not upgrade it have a wide receiver group of A._J.. Green Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. If you were talking about again like I mentioned with Trent Williams a two to three maybe four year window left with Philip rivers as the quarterback why not go all in and get them as much help as possible if you don't have a running back in the backfield like Melvin Gordon why not get better in a pass happy league and add another pro bowl caliber potential hall of Famer Definite Hall of Famer in A._J.. Green Green on the other side of Keenan Mike Williams and you're asking who's GonNa play in the slot anybody any player line up in the slot. Their Keenan Allen probably will get more slot snaps than anybody else but A._J.. Green being able to stretch the field or another red zone weapon somewhere where the chargers have struggled Mike Williams also another red zone weapon showed that last year Keenan Allen still getting work on short yardage situations I mean it's all great so adding A._J.. Green and being able to pay him for two or three years but it makes sense if you're going all in with Philip rivers and a short window and I'm not saying all in like they gotta go up against the cap or anything but for the next two or three years they might be a little strapped because they wanted to bring a guy like Jalen Ramsey and a guy like Williams A._j.. Green if you've got to do that to help your chances you've got to do it because in all honesty and this is a different topic altogether Thompson. Let's go isn't like that. It is building holding the team getting younger and better improving through the draft. Maybe picking off a player to a free agency but not really we're not seeing trades except early on in his G._M.. Tenure when he was trading leading up for guys like Melvin Gordon and maintain show in Jeremiah Tau Chew during the draft but you weren't seeing like in season trades there was that trade for Jeremy Service but that was like way down the line and that was for a day three conditional pick. I think it was a six round round conditional pick maybe seventh but that was nothing player they're going to cut and they got a late draft. Pick for them and the vikings were able to give something up for him but he's not going all in..

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