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Get a free adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase KBC Weather tonight partly cloudy in the evening that areas of low clouds and fog lows in the lower to mid fifties. Tomorrow cloudy in the morning, then sunny highs in the sixties to around 70 right now, in downtown L. A. It's 73 degrees. This is the home of Dan Bongino. Ben Shapiro and John Philip. Southern California's first talk radio. 7 90 KBC Traffic tax from Woodland Hills to Chino Hills. Get it, Get it, Get it! Right? A seven Monday. Okay, you see? BC dependable Traffic Corona has completely stopped traffic on the 15 South bound between Hidden Valley Parkway and Codelco Road and I'm Hills on the 91 eastbound of Gypsum Canyon. Disabled Vehicle Left Lane blocked at stopping Go Urban sig Alert. The fives North bound at Sand Canyon. Multi car crash has the two right lanes blocked, Stop and go from Barranca. Inglewood is stop and go on the four or five North bound between Manchester Boulevard and Nordoff Street. Hollywood completely stopped traffic on the one No. One South bound between Hollywood Boulevard and Mission Road. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a m 7 90 kbc Listen to a M 7 90 k A B C at home on your Google home. Just say Hey, Google play KBC. Sure, Here's Me am seven. Oh, and remember to recharge your speaker KBC one During the last year, The CDC estimates that close to half of all adults have either delayed or avoided medical care during the pandemic. To putting off care can have serious health consequences and three at Huntington Hospital, we're ready to safely care for you. Skipping annual checkups and other preventive.

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