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Today's episode is proudly brought to you by try to cops the double bay dot com. Join up for the free biweekly video newsletter with myself my table, keep you up to date on the moves that are in this crypto market now if you want to learn how to make money with the market goes up or down go to try to call dot com. Now. Vitrey to call crypto show talking business influx. Jane? L ever putting wolves crypto show hugging Stotts? He Di hey, m first things first let's keep with us solid routine. At the moment by dying through the news to kick off dight and looking rotten now across coined was saying bitcoin process, tripton K Michael break trading range. Now, I agree with that completely. I mean, look it doesn't if bitcoin moves down. And I think it breaks. I think the breaking point we all the breaking point. I think that Rudy bearish point would have to be if we break down through the low thirty seven sixty one away we're a couple of hundred dollars above that. We're on a couple of hundred dollars from sitting new highs in the trend. So he's sitting Ron the mid point. And I can sold have quite some Tom yet. And we'll just have to wait and see the real crunch point is if we actually break down through the lows of two thousand eighteen on the December fifteen low of three thousand two hundred and fifteen but on still sitting here, I'm still enthusiastic, and I'm still watching this market thinking. Well, there's not a great deal going on not on bitcoin, but the market is pumping. Second bit of news. Hey, key indicators show becoming process could be losing steam on Bloomberg well done Bloomberg. Once again touching on something you've got no idea about I'm not just saying that because I won't bitcoin to do. Well, but I mean, here's the follow up technical gauges signaling long-term buying demands with bitcoin deteriorating and as such. Buying pressure could increase all on it. No, they seem what the left hand's not speaking to the right over there in Bloomberg's land ripple price on upside break versus bitcoin where they're going to get that from because to me it's completely saw rising. And we'll have a look at that. In a minute. We're seeing bonnets trust will add support for ripple credit card payments. Wonderful cryptocurrency book for like subtler veges welcomes the book venture coalition partner. Try and say that ten times bitcoin counties much more attractive for institutions big inflow expected. Okay. That's on some new sort of heard of before we've got NASDAQ licenses tech to new crypto currency trading platform. Excellent bonds again back in the news talking about it surging which is interesting because down two point two percent. Again, an indication of news being nothing but information that you can look at it. He's not indicate if a ball, and we'll selling and then we've got some Mickey news Mickey dot com today, you tried to call but big win battles with full thousand. What's next? That's may we've already done that. Mexico's central Bank publishes catch twenty two rules impacting crypto exchanges Mexico's central banks in the mix nap electro neom will eighteen get listed in top cryptovest shack as a very special speculatory, but a new suspicious behavior on crack and exemplifies the gap between crypto lacy market structure. Yes, we've got a long way to go certainly would legacy markets leading the way and crypto following behind. So let's have a look at the markets without is and without ease. If you on the podcast guys looking here at he on what we've got is again nothing much really going on point three seven percent. And again, I very very quiet session completely saw. It wise not really much going on there. The four hours Stein's Luke a little more bearish. But I mean, look, it's there's nothing for me to be trading at this stage. It's still very very undecided. There again sought ways. Now more point six full percent and holding once again within that tight range like bitcoin a OS had been very top. Forment beginning part of the year and all the way through February. We did see some very strong gains again, we're just holding up around that three sixty muck. And basically bonding time for what's next still looms pushes onto another high in this recent uptrend catching up a little bit to some of the other tokens at the in the top ten it's up two point seven four percent today and only wonderfully if for trading if you had to take him to try to little bit earlier on against the dollar which account. It would have been looking pretty good for raising. You stop today ripple had a push to the upside overnight. It's pulled all the way back currently sits up point seven two percent. Lot coin has a Philly decent declined today after being pretty much the most positive for quite some time. In the recent set of trends, we do have the high bullish Quesnel. There are have been stalking this for an up trend. So I tried to the upside. And right now is it stems it's down two point five percent. Still in a very strong upturn. Bitcoin cash is Dan point three four percent. And there really is nothing to talk about. In the way of any potential trades. Barnett's is pulling back into that cradles on that four hour timeframe, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a little bit more of a deep pullback here on the Barnett's token, hopefully that would represent a trading opportunity for makers stop is still set quite wide here. And for me, I'm looking for options to raise my stop and also reenter. This market will into more trades on buying it. And it has been training phenomenally won't drones. Doing nothing in CAD on transa- is down point three two percent Codona down two point three zero two point two three percent. And again, not great deal going on. Ladies and gentlemen. I challenge you to get across to the website. Get yourself on the boy way clear. Video news a chick. The webinars is well WWW dot tried to come forward slash free tools. The reason I say this is because the video on going to be doing and have been so some of the videos recently have been pushing people in the direction of what to look for. What times, of course, we've been saying bitcoin, very very Saad ways over the last few weeks, mice basically nearly a month now, and with that thing the case opportunities do certainly present themselves. My watch this right now for the most but is against bitcoin. There is a reason for that is because bitcoin sideways, so if you want to learn how to trade if you wanna learn where the action is even if you don't want to try you to get across the traffic. Cub dot com and take advantage of some of the free opportunity that currently there also women's league thirty percent off for international women's wake. Yes. On was last Friday, but we're doing a week here. To celebrate women have a great day all speak to again, very very soon. Boston now. The traded called crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called all try to cope courses products and tools can be found at Tradenkov dot com. Because experience met is.

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