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To me you know associate knowledge yeah there are mallett mom one off knowledge have that but you also ahead by peanut butter stuck in two minute was like it was off yes and i would guess is that really the way you talk and he's a thank you and look there are that all i'll go that so we're going to over the but you know the thought the only thing years now we go so we will have the next morning sean isn't sleep because he's a there's somebody in the room above him practice for the million memoir jersey i don't really know what they had gone all but a seem like they had because the normal person got up it i don't know eight nine o'clock probably if you're motel and you gotta work was like they took shifts and whatever they were doing up so when one person was very good and that to finished open the two good and grinned is bump in job and up the miles were you know took over right with tom and it had to have been the asshole who park his big rig there's no trailer on this big rig so he parks that like him car right up to my front door and this is the type of hotel or your front door is in the parking yes everybody has their own door i can't i could stay open my during piss on his struck come close it was so and i thought about doing it because he let that really fall era up and he warmed that thing up for the good forty five it's that right now mop route door afterward the so the global years ago they would what and i'm not let the puck on yeah any and he's kick initiative and it was just like that sounds like we just ago we got to go so were gonna travis is we don't ball the most magnificent seventy four grand prix that he's ever and we put yeah we're just going to them but you know what no i feel kentucky so now i'm given drivers the car that does that he's got pushed around get it as i give him some work.

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