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District attorney Jackie Lacey now facing a major contender in her race for reelection former San Francisco DA George gas going officially threw his hat in the ring here's KCRW's jury Glazer gas gold started his career as a beat cop with the LAPD he worked his way up to assistant chief and moved on to become top cop in mesa Arizona and then San Francisco before being tapped to serve as DA in the city by the bay he's built a reputation for progressive law enforcement including co authoring proposition forty seven a California ballot initiative that reduce some low level offenses from felonies to misdemeanors now he wants to bring that approach to LA yes he says in this campaign video will centerless is ready for change that's why I'm running for district attorney yes gone says he wants to bring respect and dignity to the DA's office so that everyone in the criminal justice system is treated the same regardless of their past or the color of their skin six of six this is All Things Considered from NPR news I'm ari Shapiro and I Mary Louise Kelley even when he's praising his spy chiefs president trump can't resist taking a swipe the instinct was on full display this weekend as he announced the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi thank you as well to the great intelligence professionals who helped make this very successful journey possible his intelligence officials are quote spectacular the president went on great patriots and it's it's really a deserving name intelligence I've dealt with some people that aren't very intelligent having to do with Intel that's right even while proclaiming an undisputed intelligence on military success trump took a moment to needle now trump's hostility to the intelligence community has been pretty relentless he's talked about a deep state about a witch hunt and that was all before a whistle blower revealed defense that led to the impeachment inquiry a whistle blower who happens to be a US intelligence official you know it did not surprise me that ultimately an intelligence officer was the person who is going to blow the whistle on what the president did that's Leon Panetta former director of the CIA and one of several people I called over the last few days trying to trace a through line you hear the tension in the Baghdadi comments you see it in the impeachment drama sparked by a whistle blower reported to be a current employee of the CIA so how did we get here two point where the president of the United States is often suspicious of the spy chiefs who serve him we're going to take some time now to consider that question and to ask what dangers the rift might pose to national security I considered a dozen places to dive into this story I picked this one I don't think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the GNC September twenty sixth twenty sixteen the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and it could be Russia but it could also be China could also be lots of other people and also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs four hundred pounds okay okay but by then candidate trump was already receiving classified intelligence briefings and intelligence officials were already privately telling reporters including me it was the Kremlin that hacked the servers of the Democratic National Committee Donald Trump continued to reject this conclusion and then came November and the election.

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