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Have a cosworth in angle be a brand new cosworth motor and you have a good team and of course that's what i was waiting for a team like that that's your qualified twentieth for the five hundred and was driving his usual steady race but mario andretti was the dominant car leading wondered seventy of the first one hundred seventy seven laps late in the race it all went wrong for the nineteen sixty nine winner mario andretti slowing down the main straightaway and this could be the question answer number five slows on the main stretch fan roberto guerrero goes into the lead mario andreotti slowest down roberto guerrero took over the lead but he had one more pitstop to make walmart hose in order to be sure all of will they need clubbing in that game now i'm getting closer and looking looking one now they're allowed to learn this engaged the initial starter gamero fires again luckily jets holy cow now it doesn't very slow pull away at the south of the pit virtually stop and al unser picks up the late of the race stops on the pet unser won his fourth indianapolis five hundred nineteen eightyseven tying aj voice record the two would be joined by rick mears in nineteen ninetyone come out for a second time winner hundred roberto guerrero comes across the line finishing.

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