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A very dysphoric situation. I mean look at them. They're never happy. It's like if you put out there what you want to be the case. And then you build up some kind of flimsy argument for it always. You're gonna be uncomfortable. Because self-deception by definition we know on some level one where fooling ourselves right and so to me. The way out of this is to really learn the principles reasoning and critical thinking and then just subject things to the most rigorous logical process. You can and then once you go through that and you come out with some ideas on the other side. At least you have some sort of kant right if it gets may be true and to me. The reasoning process in itself is just fun so i went through years. I had no idea whether there's life after death or not even beginning in medical school. I realized that the common explanation. Oh this is oxygen deprivation to the brain. I knew that wasn't the case because my first year medical school one of my wonderful professors took me aside one day because by then i was kinda known true investigating this already and she said you know doctor. Maybe she said. I've been wanting to talk to you because of some men tation as she used that word when i was resuscitate eating my mother and so basically. She told me that when she would trying unsuccessfully to resuscitate her own mother that as her mother died she herself that physician got out of her body and look down saga dead body of her mother and her own body standing beside then. He's trying to get my bearings. She said she looked around. She saw the her mother there with her now. Now in spirit form. She said she saw this tunnel and the light coming from it and she saw her mother recede into this tunnel being greeted by her relatives and friends who had passed away and then she came back to your body. Well subsequently i've heard you know many dozen hundreds probably of those kind of experiences which is the same thing we know of is a near death experience in terms of its contents but it occurs not somebody who almost dies and recovers but to somebody else who is not ill or injured who's standing bear by the person who's passing away and so whatever this is it's not oxygen deprivation to the brain now. There's a certain kind of person he's just afraid of. You know. I've known people who i knew in graduate. School are still rehashing their own doctoral dissertations from that period. And you know there's a certain kind of person who wants knowledge to stop when they get their doctoral degrees right and i'm not exactly criticizing him. I mean it's a sad thing.

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