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Let's just say that Governor jeered policies proclamation of meat out in colorado on march twentieth. As raise the ire of many as just this past tuesday el paso county became the twenty six county to proclaim the same day as a meet in day. Begging the question. How will you celebrate. Meet out slash meet in day. Seventy eight now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios joined this morning by weld county. Commissioner scott james and commissioner james a great sponsor of mornings with gale tracy accident. Fm bank reminded me several weeks ago. That well You have a long standing tradition of celebrating. Meet vest me fast. We we've had meet fast. We've also had beef and bullets day with My good friends the accidents so that should show you that. Yeah we gotta bring all forms of freedom with my good friends the accident. That's for sure and well as the damage control on the part of the polish administration continues. I had to smile when i saw this piece on. Saint paddy's day That was penned by governor polish. It says jared polish food freedom is a core part of colorado and america. But hey at least we got his famed brisket rub recipe as a result but the thing that really cracked me up as we're doing all we can in the police administration to soften this assault on agriculture in rural colorado. A weld county of course Key among those agriculture counties he says one of the values we share is the right to eat. Whatever we want why the proclamation governor polls you know and and i agree with that i am. That's that's one of the problems. I haven't as governor. I agree with his statement. We have the freedom to eat. Whatever we want vegan vegetarian peskine area. And you name the atkins kito. I don't care enjoy a big old play to whatever it is that you want to have on your plate but don't try to not one down at the expense of other governor..

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