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Another can stand out selene scam portrait of a lady on fire steven soderbergh's laundromat and uncut gems from the safdie brothers. We of course also gave the option of other so maybe you read ahead and this little game won't be any fun but josh which of those movies would you have predicted or as you sit right now. Are you predicting our listeners are voting for the most with our listeners. I would go with knives out or maybe the baumbach. I think those are both reasonable guesses and yet somehow the lighthouse robert acres follow up to which is in the lead. That's respectable. I like that eating out our picks joker occur and knives out yeah i. I don't think i mentioned that one when i was trying to decide last time but i can see that absolutely you were a big fan of the witch yeah. It's a big fan out of it but i don't like to spend too much time thinking about it. I got it. We'll see if the lighthouse is a similar type of film bong. Jun host parasite which we're both excited to see is pulling near the top bob as well. You can vote now at spotting dot net. If you leave a comment please do let us know where you're listening from. It is time for massacre theater the part of the show where we perform on the scene and you get a chance at winning a film spotting t-shirt a couple of weeks back adamant. I massacre this scene. Have you been in touch with yeah. I i wouldn't they own waited outside the hospital last week. I just see you broke didn't read my letter had been allowed to visit you had they let me every day i would have been there every day we do we have rests on it had library three and a half years ago that i'm not sure that was here nightly and james mcevoy capturing just a little bit of the long unit. I think you and i really brought to that scene. From i'm twenty tens atonement christopher hampton wrote the screenplay which was adapted from the ian mcewan novel the movie directed by joe right that massacre was part of a show where we reviewed jennifer kesse the nightingale we also had the second film in our dietrich von sternberg marathon nineteen thirty two's morocco. What is atonement have have to do with any of that well. Let's see what listeners came up with. Dave bombing in appleton wisconsin wrote in one of the main characters brian. He becomes a nurse over the course of the film florence. Nightingale is usually considered the founder of modern nursing. The focus of this episode of film spotting was the new film the nightingale hey hey i got nothing else says sorry yeah. No that wasn't it. Rory done said connections include a film about a woman finding her way in the world with little regard to what damage she does along the way also both atonement and the nightingale our second kim films from british directors that are follow ups to critically acclaimed debut is kent british or she australian great question josh you will use use google while i read our next comment from laura ellis in san miguel de linde mexico. I guess the connection is a male protagonist going to war. Though gary cooper's french foreign legion was trying to put down an insurrection in morocco and james mcevoy was going to brussels early in world war two of course the great dunkirk seen in atonement. I'm i'm sorry rory from the quick. Googling i do can't does appear to be australian. Okay well critically acclaimed debut second films close enough rory but none of that was really what we were thinking sam producer just going with the most basic connection of josef von sternberg morocco and a toilet both tragic love stories more or less josh shirt it's all we needed so adam from roden with this little seen himself. He's from brunswick maine. Why don't you go ahead and in play the combined role of adamant josh and rebecca. I'll play adamant from josh you start. Are you ready okay. Let's try and seeing no clue clue could be anything. It's a movie. I adore atonement okay so you really should have played us yeah. You're right because it was wine..

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