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Right in coming in perfect sync when when the father steps forward and sent in paddington is like you give gives a speech. That made me cry. How he's paddington. Our family and family sticks together. You wanna get hit and you're going have to go through. All of us with makes me cry. The exact same way to the scene of pnn spiderman all start throwing stuff the greek god be like new york. You gotta take all of us is like makes me cry. But and then he's like you're going to have to go through me and she's dislike. Okay yeah. I've never smoked a person but i could do that like immediately. Like oh yeah. I'll i'll do ultra murder. You think i won't do a murder. Absolutely i will. Yes graham it. It's very fun. She makes a she makes. Villa easily could have been easily could have been very boring just fun. Yeah and i mean. I wrote a that was a yeah. Nicole kidman stepping out of a phone booth and looking at me like she would have me to the easy like if yeah dark like kepala to walk out of phone with. Oh hello and what do you need. Hooch brings up one of my favorite sub genres of film which is hot woman. Takes advantage of dumb. Stupid horny man. Yeah yeah so. He's a good trope. I like and i like this version of that trope because she like the amount of minimal effort that she puts into do. It is like pretty consistently hilarious. Like she really doesn't even need to seduce them. She just kinda has to be why Yeah you should let me do this. You're looking pretty nice. He's like yes at anything. You'd like the man who does not have who does not have much many friends And you're talking to me. Oh you need to help the my neighbor's house you got it you got it you can. You can gas steal a bear. Yes but even peter cappelli is is redeemed somewhat by the end like even even he is when when confronted with the true fact of what is going to happen. This bears born to die. And i mean it's it's the moment which i think the movie does become the most like nathalie polemic and then kind of again. It's very straightforward. I don't think it's like hiding. Its message but when it very much reveals its hand when nicole kidman is like yeah that one barons near neighborhood and then what next week. There's a bear on every street corner..

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