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Sean Hannity show one of the scenes accuses Virginia Roberts has made allegations against you she was very specific about that night she described dancing with you im you profusely sweating on but she went on to have balls this is simply a slight problem with with with with with the stressing because I have a medical condition which is that I don't sweat why didn't sweat at the time I'm not was ocean yes I didn't see much of the time because I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenaline the falcons war when I was shot and I simply it was it was it was almost impossible for me to speak to sweat do you remember Danzig at trial that couldn't have happened because the date that this being suggested I was at home with the children you know that you were at home with the children was a memorable night on that particular day the the the the up we now understand is the date which is the tenth of March I was at home I was with the children are taken pictures too a pizza express in working for a policy other prospers sort of four five in the afternoon what would you remember that so specifically what would you remember a a pizza express birthday in being at home because going to pizza expressing working is an unusual thing for me to do a very unusual thing for me to do I've never been I've only been so working a couple of times and I remember it weirdly distinctly whatever but as soon as somebody reminds me of it yes I remember that you were perceived by the public as being the posse prince was not something that's will serve on a bit of a stretch I don't know why I've I've I've collected that title because it doesn't I never have really positive I was single for quite a long time in the early eighties but then after I got married I was very happy on on on I've never really felt the need to go in posse and certainly going to Jeffries was not about politics absolutely no you said you were very good friends but would you describe him as a good friend did you trust him.

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