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Pages, inspiration for halston. And then you have the moments when you dismiss a freedom in the seventies was very, very widespread. It was global fashioned, became freer fashion was people who are running around going to rock concerts. People were being photographed for the youth for the energy vitality, the Rolling Stones. Bianca Jagger became a big icon in fashion. She was married to Mr. Mick Jagger. She was MRs Mick Jagger on. She had a great influence in fashion, but she was often dressed with anti cats on an article close and this was the underground because clock was on a brand name designer off. The clock was designing when she was wearing a little the clock hall to dresses running around on tour with the Rolling Stones being written up by criminal boating. That's when I first. Noticed noticed Jack when she was on Rolling Stones, tour need Bill and Truman was writing about the Rolling Stones to Rolling Stone magazine, and there was Bianca Jagger running around a little pristine obstacle call to dresses. You know, she got married in the south of France in the east on white suit. Wait, what is to do with Cerruti in blue? What did it we'll talk about civilian blue. I was saying this city remind me that famous scene in. Follow this notion, this group that you were part of, did they direct dictate fashion trends. People going to say about mitt green this season? No, that's like a funny face. It's in the movie, says, all the fantasy people will say, well, this is a big ongoing trend. Maybe it's the print dress at a certain season that's going to be big. You have to be able to know that before it happens record this, did you recognized it or did you shape it? You recognize that and then you embraced it and then you shaped shake through the page of something. You made it happy. You made the alternate offered as a suggestion, and it was up to the individuals who follow that are not. It's been how strong it was. You know remains vote dictated. And after that grace will vote, rebels vote was liberating, kind of realize vogue was very autocratic point of view about fashion since then Anna winters vogue is liberated and offers a mini choices and does not dictate it just presents the best excellence of standards of what fashion is because it's supposed to be for a broader class of people of diverse. Yeah, Asians, blacks, Latinos, wherever you got to read, vote, middle-class and EV, you gotta be rich. You got through the something invoke for you. Back in the day you aspire to folk. But it's vogue is very much a part of high and low moments culture. How are we there? I have started at eighty three and I saw a sink. I left ninety seven hundred ninety three and ninety. How did you let on? Oh no. No. No. Not ninety seven with law enough. Good lot. Eight, three about two thousand ten and the last so long to my face just to find trenches swimming navigating. Just to my faith and I had to look up to my faith in my ancestors, my roots and stuff to survive that it was hard, but I did it with grace.

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