Jordan, Karl Malone, Lebron discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Not have he may pass him he may not those things are disputable what's not that it's a legitimate conversation so i would suggest to those that want to make the case for jordan don't make the he's six never lost in the final it's not going to hold up it's not gonna hold up with the people who come after you is gonna come up in the hearts minds of fans today and how they judge success and the fact that already lebron's made seven consecutive finals maybe he'll make eight it just undercuts the argument and i don't know what the right andrews yet i think i know where it's going but i'm not sure when he can retire new year he could get hurt think crazy things happen but the profession argument is hard to hard to make i think and have it be a last argument respectfully i would suggest to you if your team jordan that you bring up the fact that he never missed and the way he will games and how he changed the league and he created people who emulated him now he destroyed all time great careers and turn guys like karl malone and charles barkley and i mean almost gary payton ewing huhne's ago and patrick ewing into footnotes in history when any other time those guys would have made history they would have been chapters in history and for everything you want to say about lebron james he hasn't been able to do that to some of the guys has gone up against right that's it's not the not perfect because they're not perfect argument doesn't work it doesn't hold water it won't win it will win if you want to weigh in.

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