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Now, we've gone through the order obviously last week. It hasn't changed. There's been no racing since. Well, last week, obviously, because nothing's happened. Of course, the race that was meant to happen has been canceled and so it should have been. The next race is therefore easily. Singapore, the last race of Italy, and I'm willing to say at this point, I don't know about your team Robert, if you've got it up at the moment, but maybe this is the opportunity to make a change for the run home. The run home for this season. Because my team has been going very poorly. I feel like we're both very close to the bottom of the order. And I'm just wondering if I could use a shake up here. A rate a cabinet reshuffle. Yes. I think it's time. You know what? I'm changing the name of my team. Surely, I'm very surprised looking at if I know the top ten in the outright season and beyond is largely set in starring, but I'm very surprised that no one is a come up with a witty cotton Herta. And this is where I step in. I had a good one last week in my head on a forgotten, so I regret it. So now, so while you do your cabinet reshuffle, I will do my own cabinet reshuffle and also change the name of my party. So united Colton herder, Australia party. Very good. And very enjoyable. You know, I love that. I would have a 100% go for that. That's a good one. Yeah, something that's something in the neighborhood. I would love to change my tape because at the moment it comprises Ferrari the team. Charles Leclerc, okay, Fernando Alonso, Valtteri Bottas, Kevin Magnussen peer gasly. Not a terrible team to be fair, but could certainly be better. And I'd love to change it, or at least investigate my options. But I can not figure out on this website how to do it. I feel every time I click something and it's not giving me the option to change the team that I'm getting. I'm aging you the frustration in my remote microphone where I keep touching it. I keep writing my new name and it keeps going, going back. I don't want liquor I understand for tender. Here we go, okay, I've got some, I've got some modifications. So I think I'm going to drop who am I going to drop? Ended up Kevin Magnussen. No, I'm going to drop Valtteri Bottas. Oh no, I can't even figure out how to do that. I've clicked manage. Come on. I want to get rid of you. Get out of here. Go Valtteri. It's really don't know what I'm doing here. This is excruciating. Why is it so difficult? Just give me the button. Just give me the change button. Yes, it's very difficult. There we go. Not happy with my name, but I will, I may workshop it, continuously. I guarantee someone will have a better hurrah themed theme name. I'm gonna, so are you doing a re shuffle now? I'm trying my best. Rob, I'm trying my best. Manage manage manage. And how do I delete them? I don't know. I don't know. This is like, this is honestly like watching two people on Zoom trying to share a document on the screen, because I tell you, I hang on, is a gameplay now. I can find it FAQ, the game rules the prize as dynamic pricing, subs bank. But I can't life of me. Oh, hang on, I figured it out. I figured it out. I figured it out. What do you do? You got to manage, and then it brings you off a big screen. And then you have to go to the top. And there's a little drop down box with the race at the moment it says down in Grand Prix you change it to Singapore. That's right. Here we go. Now we're talking. Now we're talking. Okay. Who am I going to get rid of here? Oh, my drivers have decreased in value. This is terrible. So I'm going to add so my constructor. I'm going to go with LP. Oh, I have George Russell. So if only taking a quarter of my budget and then in terms of my driver, so I'm going to add this is risky. This is very risky. It's chuck Nick the raise in there for some value. Oh yes? Because that doesn't even have a photo next to his name. Lando Norris is still good value. It's 17.4 million. That's very good value. Gonna stick him in there. Norris, you're in my cabinet last song. Get out. I'm not gonna put him in there. Esteban icon. Very good. Right on budget. So, if you want to take baby don't hurt at my house. George Russell, Nick devries, Esteban ocon, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Pérez LP. The new ministry for rob James, all my turbo driver. Oh, okay. Sergio Perry's good value. That is good. Okay, here we go. All right, so I think, okay, let me know what you think about this team check. Watch me rock it up the top 500. So I've still got charla Claire, you may? Oh, very good. Should I have shallow clear? Fernando Alonso, even though he's gone down in value, I think he's still good. Couldn't get rid of Valtteri Bottas. He's still in there. Couldn't get rid of Pierre gasly in fact. He's still in there. This is mostly the same game, but I got max in there. Max Verstappen's in there now. Yes. An L pain is my team. So pretty good. That's pretty good. Is it? I can I don't know. I don't feel satisfied for having changed my team that much, but I'm glad I'm glad max is in there. I am glad about that. Oh, well, yeah, that is very good. That is very good. So team one in 11th and the skid area strikes back 2023 at the spruce moose. Look

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