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Is Silvio. Sick. Threw coins at Bettino Craxi when he was disgraced as prime minister now. They're throwing condoms at the front gates of our Corey. Has Silvio finally gone too far? That's next time on. Bonga Bonga. From. Wonder this is episode six eight of Bunga Bunga. This series deals with issues of sexual violence. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault reach out for help in the US. You can contact the national sexual assault hotline by calling one, eight, hundred, six, five, six hope that's one, eight, hundred, six, five, six, four, six, seven, three or you can chat anonymously with the hotline staff by. Messaging. The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network at online rain dot org online R. A. I N. N. Dot Org. The next episode will be out in a week but if you WANNA listen right now, all eight episodes are available on wondering plus and on the wondering APP, and if you want to help us spread the word, please give a five star rating and review on Apple podcasts and be sure to tell your friends. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, spotify the wondering APP or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering apt to listen Ad Free I'm your host Whitney, cummings I host another podcast. You should check out called good for you. Alexander steelers book is called sack of Rome. Benjamin Gray wrote this story associate producer is Guglielmo Mattioli additional reporting by Julia Alanya back checking by Jacqueline Colletti managing producer is locked up on. Sound designed by Jeff Chevette are executive producers, George Lavender Marsha Louis, and her non Lopez for wondering..

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